Looking to Increase Appetite. Advice Needed

My appetite has been unbelievably garbage since as far back as I can remember, and I’ve done everything I can think of to make it easier for myself with no success.
I know some PEDs increase appetite and I am looking for suggestions. I’ve heard MK677 makes you really hungry but I’m still pretty apprehensive about taking SARMs (am I being paranoid?).
I’m on TRT at the moment but have been considering starting a cycle at some point in the near future anyway so introducing myself to another PED doesn’t particularly bother me.

MK is probably the fastest way to get that appetite increase with a minimum of risk. Any time you stimulate the release of ghrelin you’re going to get hungry, and MK will do that. And for the record, MK is not a SARM—and you’re smart to be suspicious of them—but rather a growth hormone secretagogue.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m assuming when taking it I wouldn’t need to worry about something like a PCT due to being on TRT?

Sparkling water instead of plain water (seems counterintuitive, but it stimulates ghrelin production). Very marginal result, but it’s 100% safe and won’t significantly affect your wallet…

If you want to hop onto an AAS cycle, EQ increases appetite. But don’t do it just for that reason!


It helps cancer Patients increase appetite and not get sick after eating it would probably work for you as well.