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Looking to Improve T, Possible Hypothyroid Issues


Hey guys, hope you are OK?
I would appreciate some help on my problem.

Male, 31yrs, 6'3, 185 lbs, lean body type.

Never been on any TRT. Always had a very high sex drive, but the last year or so doesn't seem as good. The sex drive is still in my mind, and I lust after girls I see in public still, which is maybe just a habit. But erections aren't as common or as long lasting as they used to be. I almost never get random erections throughout the day as I used to. I've had multiple instances of ED when with new girls, a problem I never used to have. Rarely do I get morning wood.

I had my blood tested through LabCorp and basically found low test (440) and very low FSH (1.2). Set up an Endo appt with Cleveland Clinic, got blood tested again and after the results I was given the same BS you all know. "Everything is perfect. Your testosterone isn't low"

My symptoms:
- Erection/sex problems
- Low energy
- Hard to gain muscle (always been the case)

Some random things I've had for years I'll mention:
- Bleeding gums (always from brushing, sometimes just from my tongue rubbing along gums)
- Sweat at armpits almost all day
- Dry skin

Diet is a Paleo/Primal style diet, with occasional grains and breads. I consume lots of fat and try to restrict carbs somewhat.

I have long suspected thyroid issues because I have cold extremities, thin hair (not bald though), sparse outer eyebrows, low energy, brain fog. Over the last few years I have experimented with liquid Iodine. (Lugols) Typically for only a month or so at a time, and fairly low doses. 2-6mg, with the most I've ever taken perhaps 15mg. I have taken it with and without Selenium. I usually stop taking it because I get paranoid it's badly effecting me. I've read quite a bit about Iodine over the years, but haven't been on it long enough of a time to get up to ~50mg a day.

The only effects I have noticed are:
+ immediately new hairs growing around my hairline/temples
+ reduced brain fog
- seem more emotional (Once I broke up with a GF while on Iodine, and took it REALLY hard)

- Vit D3 10,000iu
- Vit K2 (MK4) 5mg
- Magnesium 600mg
- Butter oil/cod liver gel

Basal temps: (measured oral at waking, mid afternoon when I remember)

A.M / P.M

97.0 / 96.8
96.8 / 98.0
97.3 / 97.7
96.8 / 97.3

Before I start another round of Iodine or get another blood test I wanted to see if I've missed anything? I have other blood numbers and results available, but I don't think it pertains to my problem. I'm aware some of the things KS says on the sticky I have not yet been tested for like T3 T4 etc.


My results: (always taken while fasted, at 8-9 AM)

Regarding fitness:
I have been lifting weights for many years. Typically a starting strength or PPL type programs. I lift 5-6 days a week. Sleep 7-8 hours per night.

One thing I suck at is cardio health. I've heard that especially as men age, cardio is very important to blood circulation, which means your dick's health. At some point I'd like to experiment directly with this to see if erections are improved.


It looks like you read the stickies and know what to do.

Your temps scream thyroid as does the positive effects from Iodine.

You can get all the cardio workout in the world from a good weight workout. I am going guess you are not in bad shape that way. Your diet might suck. But I do not know that. I would not blame iodine for taking a break up hard. That is rather normal

The pros will be reading your blood tests, in time. It being the weekend. I have no expertise with thyroid issues and that does look like where you are


Could you be vitamin C deficient?

FT4 good, but low temperatures suggest low fT3 or fT3 is blocked by rT3. Please discuss stress factors as listed in the thyroid basics sticky.

Fasting cholesterol and glucose

What time of day was you cortisol lab? Need AM Cortisol at 8AM.

Any muscle craps?

No training for 4 days prior to labs and no sore muscles.


Interesting idea, and it does seem that I have a few of the symptoms. Doesn't appear to be an easy way to test it, so maybe I'll try supplementing again. (used to years ago)

I reread the sticky and don't know what you mean. The part about Adrenal Fatigue and reading the book?

Is this a complete list of what I need to be looking at? If so I'll redo my spreadsheet in this order so it's easier for you guys to quickly glance through. I notice rT3 isn't on there and you mentioned it may be blocking fT3.

Always between 8-9 AM, fasted.

Yes! High doses of magnesium (400+mg) seems to cure it for me, and if I stop for a day or two I will get painful cramps again. Often during sex or exertion.

That I didn't know - I will from now on.

Thanks guys!

Edit: A couple of other random symptoms I have had for many years:
- White spots on fingernails (long term zinc supplementation seems to make them go away)
- Joints are always creaking and popping. Not really painful, just noisy. Especially fingers/wrist. (Eating Gluten-free seemed to help, but that's just a loose theory)


Before I spend several hours searching their site - Are there better package deals out there? I’m using PrivateMD labs for the blood work (labcorp), and I’m trying to find the best package which contains most of these.

For reference, they have this for $157:

Includes: Reverse T3
_Thyroid Profile II (Comprehensive): Free thyroxine index (FTI or _
_T7); T3 uptake (THBR); thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH); thyroxine _
(T4), Total; tri-iodothyronine (T3), Total
Thyroxine Free, Direct (FT4)
Tri-iodothyronine Free, Serum (FT3)

Many of the other tests I would have to add (TT, FT E2, SHBG, etc), which may produce a $500 bill.


Have you looked at the LEF.com male panels that bundle many items?


I was asking about stress issues as listed in that sticky. If some of the issues “stick to you” you can then consider that book and testing rT3.

Magnesium absorption and mineral absorption in general: Do you take anything for heartburn, lowering stomach acid and reducing mineral absorption?


Oh! No I think I’m relatively normal stress-wise.[quote=“KSman, post:7, topic:222941”]
Magnesium absorption and mineral absorption in general: Do you take anything for heartburn, lowering stomach acid and reducing mineral absorption?

No I try not to take any medicines or pain relief… just my usual supplements I experiment with. (Vit D, K2, Mag, Zinc, Vit C, Iodine, Selenium)

No but thank you! I added that to my cart. It includes all the blood work you mentioned except:

I’m not sure of the importance of these last items. For the record, my Billirubin has been slightly elevated for approx 10 years. I learned this when I had mono, and they said it would be for life. (Gilberts disease/syndrome)


I may have worded that poorly. I wasn’t doubting you KS, what I meant was - are all of these blood tests necessary in your opinion? Or which are the most necessary?


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Does anyone have experience with testing Selenium? Since I am about to do my clean “baseline” blood test before starting Iodine again, now would be the time for me to test. Most people recommend Selenium of around 200-400 daily when doing the Iodine Protocol. But if you don’t test, how do you know if you even need it?

IMPORTANT NOTE from Janie: though
you can see all the fabulous benefits from selenium, some patients
found out the hard way that they should have tested their selenium
levels first before supplementing, as their levels may already be too
high due to methyl pathway blockages or mutations like MTHFR.
If there is any doubt, test your selenium levels ahead of time, we
found out! And it can also be crucial to test after you have been on
selenium a month or so, we believe, to make sure it hasn’t gone too

From http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/selenium/


Labs do test for it, if you pay to have it done.


That’s what I’m considering. There doesn’t seem to be much info on what is a good range for Iodine purposes, but at the very least I could go off the lab recommended range.


The lab will have the ranges. Too much selenium is rather rare and has symptoms


It’s been several weeks, and not much has changed. But I have had blood work done again - Please see the last column of my chart.

I continue to supplement magnesium, Vit D, Vit K, and also added recently 2G of Liposomal Vitamin C (the good stuff).

After my recent blood work on 11/15 I began the Iodine protocol once again, and I will continue to monitor basal temperatures.

Here are links to the other blood work on 11/15/16 (CBC, glucose, etc.)

Thank you for any advice!


A quick update to my journal here. After many tries with iodine over the years, I finally got fed up this time and took the leap to megadose. (And therefore possibly skip many of the bad side effects)

Usually I would supplement small doses such as 6 mg.

Ten days ago I jumped straight up to 100mg of Lugols. Of course I made extra sure all my co-factors were in place.

I have been keeping notes of how I feel, changes, and basal temperatures. Nothing bad to report as of yet (definitely some good), but still too early to know for sure. I’ll update this soon when I have more time.