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Looking to Have Blood Work Done


I'm not looking for Test treatment.

I am looking to have a full blood work done. It's been years since I've had health insurance and have recently lost 100 pounds and now I have insurance and feel I should get a full physical.

With that said what's the best place usually to go for full blood work? Just my regular doctor? Thanks.


I like privatemdlabs.com.

You fill out the requisition papers online (you can remain anonymous if you'd like), go in to a local Labcorp for the tests and they email you the results. I got mine within 4 days.

I think a CBC/Lipid/T, FT/E2, etc panel cost me around $145 with the %15 coupon they have on their site.

Here's a neat trick. Depending on what tests you want, look at the panal entitled "Hormone panel for females" It may contain all the tests you want if you're looking for a general overview and it's only $50 versus $155 for the "Hormone panel for males" It doesn't affect the values of your test results; when you go to Labcorp you put in all your correct info. It's an easy way to save $100, provided of course, that it includes everything you're looking for.


Thanks so much!

I really just want to make sure everything is okay and there's nothing I need to know about lurking after a few years



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This way better than what you would pay at a doctor's office. You can get better interpretation here too.