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Looking To Go Heavy.....


....after 6 weeks of OVT, need suggestions.

Currently I'm 6'0 and 195 pounds. My goal is to hit 215 and increase all of my lifts. After doing Optimal Volume Training I want to try and continue bulking and go heavy (low reps and high weight).

I was wondering what program you guys would suggest, or any basic work out regime structures I should consider. I've done several of Chad Waterbury's programs, but I would like to do something that keeps the reps low and the weight high resulting in me stacking on mass, weight, and strength.

I'm also wondering what exercises I should group and how I should break up the rest periods if I have to sort of design my own program. Should I use a pyramid workout program (1x4,1x3,1x2)? Thanks for the help fellow T-Nationites.


The Strength Focused Mesocycle by CW would work well for you.


Try following one of Poliquin's wave programs.