Looking to Get Radical

hey guys,
i have been gone for a while but i am back now and looking for some advice. i am done my summer cutting (which went very well) and looking to get back to my favorite thing to do, bulk. my question is this: do you guys usually follow a chest/back, bi/tri type split or a chest/ tri, back/bi split. i am having a hard time deciding which to use. also, which programs provided by our wonderful contributors have you had the most success with? thanks for your help.

regarding splits…

i feel a chest - bi and a tri on a separate day is the best… if you have enough power after your chest session to do triceps, then do that. you’ll really blast them. i find that doing chest and triceps together realy kills my ability to push weight with tris.

The 8 keys by Dave Tate. I went from 180 to 210, but more importantly my lifts have gone up considerably. Over 100 lbs on my squat and DL, only 40 on my bench, but I have fucked up shoulders…

I haven’t used a chest/tri, back/bi and leg day split in years. It’s unnecessary and causes you to overtrain the upper body.

I’ve been doing upper body and lower body splits or full-body routines.

Some of the best stuff I’ve seen for training is from Chad Waterbury (Big Boy Basics, ABBH, Single’s Club, etc.). I also like Joe DeFranco’s stuff (Training Economy and Westside for Skinny Bastards). I recommend you check out some of those articles and find one that suits your goals.