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Looking To Get Into Pre-Contest Shape


For anyone that has experience in pre-contest nutrition or has ever competed or has knowledge on this subject please help. Could you share some info on what I should do from about 8 weeks out or atleast point me in the direction of a good article? Thank You!




To cut? Your body weight x 10, 30c/50p/20f nutrition,morning cardio(take some Low-Carb Grow! before cardio),make breakfast your biggest meal and make your last meal the smallest,cut carbs after 7:00pm,find a good fat burner,lots of green tea,etc..This is what I do. There is some pretty good information around here on this website.


I know alot of people that compete change their diet from week to week starting at 8 weeks out. Thanks for the info, i already know that. Also my biggest question is on my final 7 days and sodium depleting/loading.

Does anyone have any good links?


Good lord the guy is looking to cut weight not erase himself from the planet those # are WAY to low.

Check out somehing solid. T-Dawg 2, CT's recent Carb Cycling, etc.

Most of all SLOWLY drop k/cals. keep them as HIGH as possible while still getting toward your goals. You want to preserve as much LBM as possible.

Id say simply 250-500 below your maint,. intake and clean it up and that would be a great start. Adjust as needed.

Hope that helps,


You can't say that is too low.Everyone requires a different amount of calories.


Check out the following links




True but 99% chance he could lose wieght at a LOT more then 10 cals per lb no need to rush downramping your metabolism take it slow and keep as much food and muscle as you can. simply drop 250-500 off your individual intake and dont use a cookie cutter equation.


yeah i already read through SC's 7 days...

Great read and will probably use that, but in fear of not knowing how my body will react and come in holding water or something.


Well the only way to know how your body will react is to try it. BTW are you leaning out for a BB show? If so which?


Look up Don Alessi's "Meltdown Training III" in the archives. Not only is it an effective program to get in pre-comp shape, he outlines his pre-comp diet strategies, too. I've had great success with this program.


Which means you can't simply say "body weight x 10"

You could just as easily say (body weight squared divided by 20) plus the number of times you've looked at porn in the last 12 months.

The starting point is almost arbitrary. No matter what calculation you use, you need to track progress and adjust accordingly.


Ha ha, has anyone tried that formula? lol!


no, im not competing..but I am doing some fitness modeling in march that i gotta get ready for.


thanks bro, ill look for it


Many people do this method(body weight x 10) when they don't have much time on their hands.He said he had 8 weeks I think,so thats why I said body weight x 10.You're not going to lose much taking 200-300 cal off each day if your goal is to lose fat in a few weeks.


Cthulhu is right.I've seen plenty of people use the bodyweight x 10 method.If you have 8 weeks to lose weight and you start cutting out 200-300 cal a day you're not gonna get real far.However,if you have 5 months or so take it slow( it sucks to lose muscle).