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Looking to Get Into Powerlifting


I have been lifting for several years now and I am looking to get into powerlifting and was wondering what would be the best first step for routine to get started.


Find a local meet, sign up and make sure you know the rules by meet day. Simple as that.


Sounds good to me. What would you say would be the best program to start with.


Get out! Get out while there’s still time…:wink:


Anything with a sensible progression model: 5/3/1, Base Building, Juggernaut are three that I can think of off the top of my head.


If you can’t train with a crew of existing powerlifters or afford a 1 on 1 coach I would highly suggest picking up the 5/3/1 books and picking a steady linear program from there.

5th set by Swede burns is also really good.


Westside is a good program too, and Skeiko


Westside is a system, not a program. It’s great, but only if you have the experience to know your weaknesses and have a very fair idea how to fix them or you train with a crew who have that knowledge. Otherwise it tends not to work so well.


Another for 5/3/1. I’ve had success with it, as have many many many other people. Whatever you decide on, believe in it and put max effort into it. Powerlifting is super cool, it’s the only thing I’ve ever competed in in which everyone wants everyone to do well and succeed


ahhh I see


Yep. Matt Wenning said that he actually got weaker the first year he trained at Westside.


Just to clarify, Sheiko is a man (first name Boris), not a program. He does write programs though.


The question is what have you been doing recently. 5/3/1 is a reasonable option and relatively easy to program, some sort of 5x5 might be appropriate if you can still make fast gains.


Yeah jump on 5/3/1 bandwagon can make 2+ years continual strength gains:
triumvirate 4-6 cycles, then
beyond 1.1
beyond 1.2
One of the 'challenges’


I get it


That’s because Louie is a mad man and will kill you before you become stronger ( it works )


I assumed that he got weaker at first because it took a while to figure out how to make the system work for him, but I suppose Louie might have just beaten him into the ground as well. I have no doubt that you can make Westside/Conjugate work for raw lifting, just look at Mike Hedlesky, but it’s not totally straightforward and not necessarily better than other options that also work. It mostly comes down to what sort of training appeals to you.


I wouldn’t recommend it out of the gate for most people.

Too much to think about and apy attention to when you’re not even really sure you want to powerlift.


IMO you want something with higher frequency for each of the powerlifts than 5/3/1.
I’d recommend the old Madcow 5x5 to start with then adapt your own training program after learning what works for you.
Every single time I’ve ran 5/3/1 I’ve got weaker.


Doing what exactly? How effective have you found them to be? What weight are you and which weight class are you aiming to compete at? Are you asking for input on peaking programs for a meet, general strength gaining programs?