Looking to Get Healthy

Hey all… new to this site and was looking for some dietary / exercise advise

I’m 25, about 6’ and 235 pounds… i put on about 40 or pounds since I left college and I need to get rid of it!

My life style is certainly one that doesn’t help. I spend most of my day in front of a computer from the time I get up till when I goto bed (CAD operator by day, web designer by night)

My current diet kinda blows…

for breakfast im usually eating an apple in the car on the way to work…

if my co-workers decide to brunch it im usually eating an everything omelettes with wheat toast and caffeine free coffee…

if we eat lunch its usually a wendy’s chicken sandwich or some kind of roast beef or a burger (the worst meal of the day it would seem)…

for dinner its a crap shoot… normally soup and a bologna sandwich or ill just snack on cereal/pretzels/peanuts and ill probably drink about 3-4 heinekins on any given night if my work load allows it

i know i need to get my ass in gear and start running on the elliptical like i did last year but im looking to get a good diet down to help

things i DO avoid are tons of fried stuff and caffeine… i also drink diet soda if and when i do… i drink lots of water in a day

PLEASE help me change my diet… i hear so many conflicting ideas and truths that im not sure what todo and all my doctor tells me is “everything in moderation” and “get to the gym more” which doesnt help me at all

thanks for your help!

Heres the roadmap http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=640350

Whether you choose to follow it or not is up to you. No one can give you anymore help then that. I will say this if you continue to go down your current lifestyle road you will be disgustingly obese by thirty and your quality of life will be abysmal. Hope you take the right path.

Good luck,


thanks for the reply dedicated… the link you provided gives me an error on the board however

i am dedicated (no pun intended) to making changes… its just knowing the right ones to make

[quote]bellwood wrote:
thanks for the reply dedicated… the link you provided gives me an error on the board however

i am dedicated (no pun intended) to making changes… its just knowing the right ones to make[/quote]

Go to the beginners section and click on Vroom’s Are you a Beginner thread II. The info is there to get you on the right road.

Didn’t mean to sound harsh, but giving you a dose of reality. Eating cheeseburgers and having damn near a six pack every day and night with no activity will have you fat and unhappy by thirty.

Read up on that info and then ask some more detailed questions after doing so. Focus on the nutrition related articles to begin with.


MOD NOTE: I fixed the link for the Beginner Thread.

as a fat bloke myself I~ do know one thing.

Only you can change your diet. Sure, the guys here are brilliant and can show you the right things to do but at the end of the day only you can actually make the changes.

I started reading this site late last year. I’m still reading! It has so much information to take in.

The other guys here can give you real info… I’m a newb myself so I would not presume to offer advice for fear of telling you some complete bullshit.

As many experts here will tell you. Exercise is important on many levels but your diet is where the real changes will occur.

You have to take responsibility on yourself to:

Avoid processed foods - make natural choices. (Yes, that means you have to cook a lot of your own food, deal with it!)

Eat several small meals a day. (Buy food in bulk and get some cheap tupperware)

Drop the booze. (I know how much that one hurts! The last cold bottle of beer I had tasted so good I almost cried… OK, I did cry.)

Proper supplementation. Don’t count on supplements to replace real food but use them, wisely. Protein powder, multi-vit, fish oil, and maybe a fat burner are all you need at this stage.

Just Keep Going. I know this phrase isn’t as exciting as Nike’s “Just Do It” or “Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!” (my personal fave). However, it can get you through the rough times like when the box of Ho-Ho’s won’t stop tormenting you. You CAN have a Ho-Ho… this weekend maybe, but for now… Just Keep Going.

If your weight loss stalls, start a food log. They are really tedious but often show you where you’re screwing yourself up.

Keep in touch with us here. Most of us are going through the same trials you are. It helps to have some support. Take advantage of us and your friends and family (but beware the dreaded saboteur). Good Luck.

All good advice

my main things im trying to get straight on now is proper diet… i personally dont get tempted by anything but beer really… its my only achilles. I dont really do the junk food (cookies,candy etc…) my favorite snack as said is pretzels

I dont mind using supplements but #1 i wanna know what to change my diet to

maybe i need to go see a dietition and get something customized to me, but i personally feel anything really that ive read online is either a vague generalization or something that was tailored toa completely different person (e.g. i play sports and this is my diet) obviously that isnt going to work for me

i guess what im trying to say is that im looking to maybe have a one on one with someone and plan something out… reading articles with all the backgrounds and explanations is fine if u really wanna learn it, but in the end i just want to know what i need to be eating to start losing weight

i have seriously cut back my drinking… dare i say i was pushing the line between drinking and being a functional alcoholic… those days are over… rarely do i pound a 6 pack in a night but if friends are home from school its not entirely impossible…

during the week tho i try to keep my beer intake to 2-3 a night (and its not every night) but i understand that cutting it out would be a tremendous help

so that brings me to my next question… what is a good diet and im not saying tell me its a diet comprised of x% of this nutrient and x% percent of that vitamin

can i eat chicken at every meal? that might bore some people to DEATH but i love chicken… personally my favorite meal is chicken marinated in italien dressing and grilled with some salad…

if eating that for supper every day helped me lose weight id do it… i suppose i could live on chicken and salad but i can already hear the dieticians saying “thats not a complete diet and is lacking vitamins and minerals etc”…

i dont mind taking multi vitamins and so forth but what im really warry of is spending 100’s of dollars on supplements and powders if in the end i could gain the same effect through proper diet

maybe im rambling here but im hoping this will give you some more insight about me and what im looking for

Diet isn’t as complicated as you make it out to be. Bottom line is this, eat more calories then you burn in day you are going to get fat. Starve yourself and eat a minimum amount of calories like only a thousand a day and you will lose muscle mass and become skinny fat.

You need to find out your BMR and create a slight deficit, example if your daily metabolic rate is 3000 cals then you would only consume around 2700 a day to stimulate fat loss.

Your calories should come from clean sources lean protein in every meal either combined with healthy carbs like vegetables or fruit or whole wheat breads or pastas. Or you can combine your protein with healthy fats like nuts and or olive or fish oils.

It’s not complicated nor hard if you decide to do it. Don’t create huge mountains that seem impossible to overcome when it comes to your thinking on this.


bellwood, your diet might not be optimal for your goals, but it really isn’t that bad either … at least compared to how the general population normally eats. It’s just a case of taking it up a notch … or a few notches, as the case may be. (grin)

Where to start?

Make sure you log on daily and read something to raise your level of knowledge and to keep you committed to your goals. Read anything and everything you can get your hands on, here on the site, by John Berardi and Lonnie Lowery. On the left hand side of the page click on Articles and then Authors. You’ll find a list of articles by both authors.

You’re at the beginning of your journey, bellwood. You’ve finally decided you want to DO something … which is a good thing, fershure! (grin) It’s a process, though. You’ll implement one thing here and replace a bad habit there. As you start seeing results, you’ll become all the more committed to improving your health and improving your appearance. You’ll make more changes.

So what I’d recommend is that you CUT OUT the worst two or three things you’re doing currently and ADD IN two or three good things. Pick from any of the following list:

  • Eat small, snack-sized meals every 3 hours

  • Make sure every one of your snack-sized meals includes protein

  • Eat a green veggie at every meal; go for variety!

  • Consume 2 tablespoons of olive oil on a daily basis and 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil

  • Avoid starchy and sweet carbs; bakery items, cake, candy, chips, popcorn, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta

  • Keep a food log of what you’re eating and enter it into www.fitday.com. You’ll learn a lot about your body and how much protein you’re eating and fat and carbs.

If you’d like to see how I design a diet, check out http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1509230

Don’t worry about being perfect. Just make simple, positive changes in your life and in your eating habits as you become aware of their importance. It might be something like eating more veggies or eating 3 servings of fruit and a serving of beans. You might start taking fish oil capsules or consuming flaxseed oil after learning about the health benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids. You really don’t have to be perfect to start improving your health and improving your appearance. Just trade out something bad for something better.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Simply awesome… I’m already 100% pleased I joined this site… i wasnt sure what to expect in a “body building” site but thisthread alone has definitely given me a few ideas… ill try that one website you mentioned to log my food intake and maybe come up with a diet that maybe someone could review for me?

And yes, thank you for noticing I dont eat nearly as bad as these mcdonalds addicts do… I could never shovel that stuff into my face day and night… if theres anything im guilty of eating alot, it’s omlettes and then cheese (damnit everything omlettes are SO FREAKING GOOD)

i got my hands on a copy of 8 minute abs too to at least give me something I can do at home 3-4 days of the week and I got my roller blades all cleaned and greased so now that the weather has finally broke in the northeast ill have something todo for outside activity

Heres goes everything!

Cheese omelets? Yum! I could think of worse things to be addicted to. (grin) The good news is that if you’re stingy with your fat (i.e., if you generally pick lean protein sources for most of your meals) you can have a cheese omelet every day!

Yes, we’d be glad to take a look at what you put together to see if there are any opportunities.

Forget the ab tape/video. Exercising a muscle just makes it bigger. Spot reduction is a myth. All you have to do is increase activity SLIGHTLY and create a SLIGHT caloric deficit. And then over time, as your body fat percentage drops, your abs will become increasingly more visible.

What will give you results is doing resistance training. Even with a 4-day schedule, you’ve got 2 days before and 1 day after that you could do resistance training. That’s all you’ll ever need.

There’s lots of well-designed programs here on the site designed by nationally reknowned strength and conditioning coaches. You don’t have to spend your life in the gym. Get in, do your workout, get out. 45 minutes to an hour is perfect … about the time it takes to watch one movie! (grin)