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Looking to Get Buff

Ok so i split up with my girlfriend few weeks back and i’m looking to get in damn good shape so i can hook up with some HOT girls lol…
Already 2 days into my new routine which was put together by myself and edited (ALOT) by the T-Nation experts.
Anyways here’s Monday’s workout…

(All weights in kilos btw)

BB incline bench

20, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60x5 , 50x5

(should explain these numbers are usually much higher but i think i took to long to ramp and next week will do 35, 50, 60, 60 instead of fatiguing myself so much in the warm up)

Machine chest press

60 x4 8,7,6,6 (again felt really weak on these for some reason)

Incline db flyes

12.5 x4 to failure, didn;t really keep track of reps but they were between 12-8 on all sets mainly just focussing on getting a big stretch)

calf seated raises

20, 20, 40, 60, 70, 70 x6 reps

calf standing raises

130x3 sets 8 reps

Legs Tuesday

Leg extensions

56, 70, 84, 91 (9 reps) PB :slight_smile:


60, 80, 90, 90 x6reps (will stretch out hams between sets next week as i find this helps)

leg press

6 plates 15, 13, 12, 10 (have done around 16 plates before but obv this at end of quads so not trying for records lol)

seated leg curls

42, 56, 70, 91 (6-8 reps) PB :slight_smile:

straight legged deads

60, 75, 75 x8 reps (again have done 110kgs before, last week, but already fatigued from curls)

lying curls

20kg x15, 12, 9 (focussing on muscle used)

Was a very intense workout today… dripping in sweat lol. I had trained legs on thursday aswell before switching routines and had gone HARD that day to, probably should of gone easier and allowed better recovery but its a little late for that now its just something i’l have to remember. Felt very tired after the workout for a few hours but i’m taking in 4,000 calories today so that should speed recovery up no??

Two personal bests on leg day was nice… although it was just leg extensions and curls, but i’d take this over no records haha.

Thinking about it though i’ve never done these first in a workout before so it’s likely i’m just more fresh.

Oh well can’t knock it i train each bodypart once per week so next tuesday they should be ready for another pounding (i’m 19 and i’m thinking i can get away with going a bit over board as i said before i trained them thurday aswel and GOSH it was humbling to squat only 90 when i’m usually using 110 but then tbf i’m doing this pre-exhaust thing so i think this is expected right?)

Shoulder- thursday (weights in KG)

The biggest burn in my shoulders i’ve ever had…heres how it went…

Lateral delt machine

15, 30, 45, 45 8reps

Db shoulder press

10, 12.5, 17.5 8 rep

Db lateral raise

7.5, 12.5, 17.5 10rep


40, 60, 70 8 rep (not including weight of the device which is used to hold weight- around 20-30kgs)

Db rear delt

10, 15, 17.5 10 reps

Cable rear delt flyes

10x 3 sets of 8 reps

Really good workout, got a massive burn which has gone now but i know i’m going to feel it tommorrow :smiley:

Only thing i didn’t like was the cable rear delt raises but i’m sure i was bringing the cable to far forward… next week i’ll lighten the load to no resistance and just rep out to feel the muscle. Was giving me some discomfort. Thought about doing face pulls but i’m not 100% what muscles are used - traps or rear delts??? Have no idea on techinque either lol.

Pleased with the db shoulder presses aswell. Hadn’t done these in AGES and thought i should stick with the 12.5s. Glad I didn’t now because i forced myself to do them and i learned something about intensity :slight_smile: There were two guys up there doing pretty much the same routine as myself for the first three exercises and they were atleast 3 stone heavier than myself using the same weights and everything. Don’t feel like the idiot who doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore lol.

Ok i’ve been playing golf with my buddy and his gf…

Didn’t go mad at it as i had tommorows back workout at the back of my mind. Just went and knocked 90 balls on the driving range, it was fun but i cant wait for back training tommorow.

My bud coming gym with me saturday - he’s not really done anything serious before so i hope he doesn’t slow me down to much lol.

everything looks good…

you could do face pulls instead of cable rear delts…face pulls work both rear delts/traps…

you could do them standing…or seated on a lat pulldown machine leaning back and pulling to face…

Hey thanks for dropping by D :smiley:

I’ve just checked them out on youtube and they look easy enough so might give them a shot…i’m off to train back now so i’ll report back straight after my workout (…and my protein drink lol)

Back Friday

Pullover machine

25, 40, 55, 65, 70 6 rep (go for 8 next week)

Chin ups

bw, 10kg, 10,kg 6 rep (next week ramp bw, 7.5, 10 instead i think??)

T-bar rows

40, 55, 55 6 rep (sloppy on last couple, next week ramp 35, 50,57.5 i think this is better)

Cable rows

6 plates on machine 4x10 (switch bar used for a V handle)

Felt like a good workout, maybe should of lightened the load on the tbars and ramped better on chin ups. Guess I never realised how fatigued I would be for these exercises- next week i’ll keep the weight the same and go for a couple extra reps i think. Happy with the pullovers though- never really done them before and i’m starting to realise what a great exercise it can be :slight_smile:

k so arms today :slight_smile:

went to a different gym and although they had some good equipment the place actually stunk of shit :frowning:


cable curls

3 ramp sets to top set of 37.5kg x 10-12

machine preachers 5, 10, 15kg 7reps (including 1 half assist) (hard to explain the machine, it was quite old and even 5kg felt hard for some reason?)(probs do extra set of these next time)

hammer curls 12.5 3sets 12, 9, 9 (should of ramped but 12.5 felt heavy enough so i just stuck with it- next time might try rope curls for sometrhing different)

pressdown 15, 25, 35, 35 6 rep (again dodgy cable i think)

dips 12, 9, 7 (felt good)

skullcrushers 10kg + bar 3 x15, 12, 9 (never done before so went light)

monday chest and calves

incline bb bench

20,20,35,50,60,60 6reps (2 up from last week + extra set)

machine chest press

60, 70, 70, 70 6 reps (10 kg better than last week)

incline db flyes

15kg 12,9,8,7 (2.5kg more than last week)

ss/seated calf raise

20,20,40,60,70,75 (5kg better than last week ) PR :slight_smile:

standing calf raise

130kg x4 sets of 7 reps (10kg higher than last week)

felt like a good workout…no soreness atm but decent pump :slight_smile:

i knew ramping on the incline would work much better the way i did today, as i have done 60 for 2 sets of 10-12 in the past and ramped up that way before.

Flyes felt a bit dodgy but still got a good stretch in the chest- also biceps slightly aswel(wierd)…anyways legs tommoorow

PB on seated calf was also a bonus.

chest abit sore today so i know i done good :slight_smile:

Tuesday - Quads and Hamstrings

leg extension

56, 70, 84, 91 12rep PB (3 more reps than last week :D)


60, 80, 90, 90 8 and 7 rep (3 reps more than last week)

leg press

6 plates 15,15,15,15 15 more reps than last week :slight_smile:

seated hams

42, 56, 70, 91 8 rep (think 1 more rep than last week)

Straight legged deads

60, 75, 85 8 rep (10kgs more than last week and 2 more reps :D)

Lying curls

20kg 15, 15, 10 (9 more reps than last week)

Ok every single exercise i’ve made improvements on this week AND i’ve lost 2 pounds aswell. Im eating around 3600-3900 everyday so it’s more likely fat than anything. God i hope this carries on for the next 3 months haha!! Never done this amount of volume so i’m guessing my body just sweats it all off.

Wasn’t sweating as much this week but then i was quite fatigued last week already from training legs 3 and half days prior- still exhausted though- when i’m fnished with this routine i’m definatly training quads and hams on seperate days, felt completely done after leg press but pushed through anyways. Legs were shaking by the time i got to rdls lol.

Started doing the rdls with a compleltly straight leg whereas before i used a slight knee bend- doesn;t feel bad on my back so i might keep with it unless i’m told otherwise :slight_smile: Leg press to finish quads is BRUTAL aswel- using higher reps on this as i’ve heard bigger guys on here (Waylander for a start) say that higher reps for legs seem to be more productive for hypertrophy. Never really gone higher than 8-10 reps so its a totally different shock aswel.

shoulders today…will post later but i cant find my log :frowning:

remember that i made improvements on EVERY SINGLE EXERCISE today, mostly just a couple extra reps but its still progress :). I’m feeling great since trying this new routine, have more energy, losing fat (slowly) and definatly looking more muscular. I’m surprised as i’m eating less and doing more exercise.

Can’t wait for back tommorow…

Shoulders- thursday

lateral machine raise

15, 15,30,45,45 9 reps, 7 reps (2 extra reps)

db shoulder press

10,12.5,17.5 10rep (2 extra reps)

db lateral raise

7.5,12.5,17.5 15rep (5 extra rep)


40,60,75 8rep (5kg extra)

db rear delt flyes

10,15,17.5 19 rep (9 extra reps)


10,20,25,25 15 rep (went light because never done exercise before- felt ok will use next week to)

so it was a good workout today, didnt get the same burn as last week but i think i probably took slightly longer rest breaks between exercises. Also im guessing my body is getting used to the higher volume.

Think ill keep the weight on machine raise, db press, shrugs

Raise the weight on db raise, rear delt flyes, facepulls.

back - friday

machine pullovers (this machine is ACE!!!)

25,25,40,55,70,75 6 reps (hard as fuck but still a 5kg increase and PB)

pull ups


t-bar, chest supported rows

35, 50, 57.5 7 rep (ramp felt better and got 2.5kg more with extra rep)

cable rows (switched handle, felt better)

6 ring 15,9,9 (did a set less but felt didn’t need it- just get more reps next week)

another ace workout- made improvements on all but my last exercise and feel great!!! I’m really liking this routine and i’m definatly leaning up (1 inch of my waist in around a month) and building muscle.

Training arms with my buddy again tommorow so that should be fun :slight_smile:

getting ready to go gym now. Arms today and i’m going for 42.5 on cable curls and 15 dips (on 1st set), skullcrusher 15kg, keep everything else the same and just increase weight…

I’m really like that pullover machine and if anyone’s actually reading this (which i doubt) i say give it a go, i’m aiming to max the machine out in 3 months (goes up to around 120). Lats are SORE today!!!

Went to ANOTHER different gym today, cost me enough to get in :frowning:



Cable curls

25, 35, 40 7-9 reps (PB)

machine bicep curls

10, 20, 20 x9reps (never used this machine before but still saying it a PB lol)

hammer curls

5, 12.5, 15, 7.5 8rep, 10 rep (dropset for added volume, also PB)



30, 40, 50 8 reps (PB)


12,7,7 (got less than last week but it was a narrower grip last time)

cable skullcrushers

15kgs 15,15,12 rep (never used this before so claiming another PB lol)

Decent session, wish i could of gone to the same gym as last week but my usual one doesn’t open untill 11am and the other is way too far for me to get to on bus :frowning:

Anyways hit some nice PBs and will up load a photo if i can get it on my laptop somehow. Im looking alot fuller on the shoulders- i can’t believe how quick this has happened and chest and arms and back and legs aswell lol…