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Looking to Get Back Into Training


So I haven't trained at all in 3 months, and not properly since christmas in 2007, due to a shoulder problem.

My shoulder wasn't getting any better, so thats my reason for stopping training completely.

It burned frequently and I had a lot of tightness in the right side of my neck/trap.

After hundreds of pounds spent into physios and getting an MRI, no one pin pointed a general problem and a way to fix it. I would of spent money and took a trip to US to have Eric Cressey go over it himself, but i dont have the resources for that.

After 3 months of a regular sedentary lifestyle, it has got better, sort of, theres less burning & tightness, but i think thats down to just not wiggling it around as much and ignoring it completely.

Anyway, I'm over it. I am just going to train regardless.

I'm fed up of reading different reasons for shoulder problems & all this bullshit how to fix it - bands, massaging, foamwork - none of it fucking helped one little bit, infact focusing on it & working on it more, made it worse.

I just want to train and get big/strong and hope it fixes itself.

My progress was stalled before because I over analyzed shit. So I just want to do a simple routine, that will get me big/strong and prevent me from getting any muscle imbalances.

Here is what I plan on doing:

Day1: Squat/Calf raises/BB shrugs
Day2: Bench press/Dumbbell row/Rear delt flyes/BB curl
Day3: Deadlift/calf raises/DB shrugs
Day4: Military press/Chin up/Rear delt flyes/Triceps extension
Day5: Off
Day6: Off
Day7: Repeat

I am not sure about rep ranges & sets..

I'll probably just wing it, build up to 2 heavy sets on deadlift, keep the rep ranges high on squats, and do 4x6-8 for the upper body stuff.

Anyone got any advice? I'm starting from scratch again so I might aswell get something solid to get started on.

For diet, I know what to do, it's just a matter of actually doing it.

BTW, is supinated grip military press ok on the shoulder joint?

Lately when my shoulder flares up I just hold some dumbbells out in front of me, elbows slightly bent with underhand grip, and it starts feeling a little bit better. So mabye doing supinated grip m.presses could help?


You stopped training completely...because you felt "burning and tightness"?...in ONE muscle group?

Are you serious?


Maybe you should try a Pilates class, or maybe spinning.

That way you won't hurt yourself and need to take another year off to recover.


Fuck off with this bullshit.

I'm looking to get back into training. I didn't take time off training because of burning and tightness in one muscle group. I took time off because I wanted to see if it got better.

I didn't type out the whole list of what the fuck was wrong, because no one would care, and thats not the point anyway.

I'm trying to look for some solid advice on my program and if experienced people on this website recommend me doing it, or what I could add/change.

I don't give a fuck about anyones macho bullshit trying to look cool on an internet forum.


You seem to be over analysing, I think you should make your training a lot simpler:

  • Push
  • Legs
  • Pull
  • Legs

Fit the four days training into your week as best suits your schedule and bodies recovery abilities.

Also try to find a more experienced training partner, it may help to keep you honest in effort and workouts.

Good luck with the comeback.


My opinion is that you shouldn't have quit training, I didn't think you were that bad. This may seem macho, but it's all about time economy; your phyisique and performance could be better off right now if you didn't quit but made some rehab.


Looks like a sound basic plan.


Hello there :slight_smile:

I would highly reccomend this one, if you would care to have a look at it.

I offered it to my cousin and he is making great strides with it.


Does everything, and works every muscle.


K- Keep
I- It
S- Simple
S- Silly

While i may hold the same view as others, we dont know your full story, so ill hold the comments... if you need any advise re eating dont hesitate to ask, gotta help fellow Englanders out


Best of luck on your new training, and may you return to your former best as soon as possible.


Also you do know, BBB is only a plane trip away for like 10
quid ??

He studied this stuff, he should be able to look over it..... it would be WELL worth your while pming him re his services..... not so long ago he was offering free ones.

Of course if you gave him an extra sheep to shag as the Welsh do, he would look you over twice :smiley:

Besides that, here is Dantes way of fixing shoulder problems.... im still on towels HA after 3 weeks :smiley:

Incorparate them asap 3 times a day, see where it takes you.

From the tone of your posts, i can tell your frustrated just chill time is on your side its only a few kgs on the bar or on your bones........ your health is more important.



Thanks very much for the advice so far. I am frustrated, yeah. Not training though has gave me time to look at what I did wrong last time so I'm determined to do it properly this time around.

I'll do a push pull program then, since two of you recommended it.

I just tried that broomstick thing, lets just say I can't find a broomstick long enough, haha. I guess i'm very inflexible in my shoulders and need to work on this.

For diet, i was thinking of something along the lines of this:

breakfast: Eggs, sausages, beans, bacon, potato waffles.

Will probably mix that up and have eggs/toast/protein shake one day and porridge w/ berries/nuts in it & protein shake on another.

lunch: Steak, Chicken or Fish, about 12oz? with rice, potatoes or pasta.

dinner: Same as above, different choices from what I had at lunch. Occassionally I'd probably have a huge bowl of spaghetti bolongese because I love that stuff.

Have a snack between each meal; maybe hardboiled eggs or a protein shake with lots of stuff in it; such as eggs, porridge, peanut butter - Just something thats a quick 500-700 cals and I can take around with me during the day.

I'll probably be eating more chicken than anything since it's cheaper than steak/fish.

I got some Alpha Male on christmas, I probably won't use that until I've got the ball going though.


Hm. I had a minor rotator cuff tear in my shoulder from benching and it didn't stop me from busting my ass in the gym, even though everyone I knew told me to take it easy. I realize it was very stupid of me but I just couldn't force myself to 'take it easy'. Quitting training because you felt a burning sensation in your shoulder? LOL.



Any advice we give is pointless. He will get fatigued and feel "burning" again and quit for another year.

Damn it...my typing finger feels a little achy....


Only one finger for typing?? Damn, we need to work on your form, it could be the cause of your aches.


I'll just put it in a sling for a year and use my middle finger.


Finger wraps work like a charm, even though some people think it's cheating and just to get your WPM numbers up.


That sounds most logical. Carry on then.


Ok, so it was stupid of you. Thanks for telling me.

My shoulder was getting progressively worse and more irritable. Also the burning was quite fucking painful, think of just doing 100 lateral raises. The right side of my neck was so tight, it hurt to turn it when I was driving. Additionally, it constantly clicked.

I couldn't contract my right pec properly when i did any chest exercises, and my shoulder burned even more.

I kept on training, eventually i got to the point where my shoulders gave out before my triceps on a triceps pushdown.

So, since I'm not a fucking idiot like yourself, I stopped.

Training was an enjoyable thing for me to do, a release. Whats the point of doing it even thought it was causing me pain and possibly going to cause me an injury?

The doctor, also SUGGESTED I take 3-4 months off, even longer to see if it got better.

So thank you for caring so much, assholes. That was what was wrong with my shoulder. I didn't know I had to give such a fucking detailed report to recieve some fucking advice.

No one helped before with my shoulder, so I didn't ask for any help about it again.

I just would like some advice on what to do now. If you don't want to give any, dont fucking post.

P.S - prof, hope your fucking finger feels better.


I'll let you know January 13, 2010.


I didn't squat for 8 years because I had a chronic hangnail... on my thumb. :confused:


Come now, making fun of the guy is HARDLY productive.... he came for help not ridicule ...

I would think anyone who goes to the gym wanting to improve themselves would at least merit SOME respect ?

But to each their own i suppose, i don't see why smart comments are needed when the guy was clearly injured.... but if its what you like doing then off with you.