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Looking to Gain Weight

Hi, i am new to these forums and i was looking for some help.

I am looking to gain weight and become bigger. Please judge and tell me whatever u feel. This is what my meal through out the day looks like.

Breakfast/ protein shake ( 100% whey) oats with 100whey and peanuts butter. plus kashi cereal and flax seed on top
Snack/ Nature path bar with piece of fruit or vegie
Lunch/ usually sandwich with tuna or lean turkey meat and some almonds
snack/ protein shake
Dinner/ pasta with chicken or steak or lean turkey
snack/ banana with peanut butter
b4 bed/ egg protein shake

Supplements that i am taking right now would be, no xplode, 100 whey, purple k and egg protein

I want to gain weight but not become fat. Bigger arms bigger pecs i am sure u know what i mean

I go to the gym 5 times a week and push it as hard as i can when i go

Thanks for all your help. sorry if this is wrong how i posted it. just new to the forums

i will post more pics but when i add image nothing shows

front shot

front shot

wheels ( that i dont have )

Let me guess, you chose not to read the threads at the top of the forum? There are a lot of tips in there that will help you gain mass the way you want. They will also explain what you are doing wrong (like not eating enough).

Squats & Milk.

no i read, just wanted feedback thats all

Make sure you’re getting 2 grams of protien per pound of body weight per day and do big compound exercises like squats, deadlifts ect.

eat more

also try some volume training like sets of 10x10

loads more information on this is available at the top of this forum.

I am not sure what feedback you are looking for (whether on the photos, diet or what), but I think if you are truly eating big and lifting hard, the size will come.

I would ditch the NO xplode since I think those nitric oxide supplements are really a waste of money.

I cant believe no one has called troll this yet lol.

I mean common he has 6 pics, all of his abs.

even his leg pic is designed to show off the abs.

he mentioned no xplode too!

couldnt be a more stereotypical 1st time poster ;]

In case you are genuinely that guy…im sorry to tell you this but you have 3 options:

  1. lose sight of your abs (due to fat gain) as it goes hand in hand with real eating and real substantial muscle gain. (and then cut the excess off at a later date)

  2. carb cycle, supplement with everything you read about in muscle mags, and follow a 320 pound steroid freak’s workout programme. all the while not paying attention to your diet.

  3. create a programme that uses 9 different ab machines dotted around the fitness suite. then liken yourself to brad pitt and put on a grand total of 3 pounds in 1 year.

these are the three likely routes for this sterotype.

One of the three mindsets will result in the extra muscle you ask for. guess which.

thanks for the help guys. I think the no xplode helps a bit , i get a good deal on it so i dont mind spending the money. thanks

I know nothing about no xplode, only that it is ridiculed on these forums as the most worthless product known to man.

what sups would u suggest then, what do u take

Squats, deadlifts, and calories. How many calories are in your protein shakes? You might want to supplement in a high calorie meal-replacement shake twice a day. I’ve taken NO-Xplode before and realize that I can get the same effect by drinking a cup of coffee before working out. Plus it’s cheaper.

You might want to read this:


I would say that at the moment, even if you have the money and get a good deal, you would be better off spending it on real food and some quality protein powders.

NoXplode is not magic, you prob feel like it benefits you because subconsciously you think it has some ‘special’ ingredients, so it has a placebo effect. But honestly you’d be much better off with some whey and some BCAAs.

To fill out your tall frame you’re going to need a huge amount of cals.

Oh and enough with the picture overkill, it makes you look like a troll!