Looking to Gain Relative Strength

Right now, at 6’1", 210 pounds, I want to increase my relative strength in all areas. I’m at 14% body fat, and plan to cut to 10%. This would bring me to around 200 at 10% body fat.

This cut should probably take no longer than a month and a half, and I know that I can’t expect to gain any muscle mass, but because strength is more neurological, can I expect to gain strength and increase my squat, deadlift, and bench while keeping my calories under maintenance?

I’m still relatively new and only squat about 300 pounds max, and I really want to bring it up to at least 310 by christmas. Can I expect this small of a gain?

sprinting, sledge hammer work, a bunch of general physical conditioning might increase your relative strength in all areas. Esp on the dead-lift maul/sledge-hammer work might make a huge cross-over.

I took a week or two off of serious dead-lifting and spent it almost exclusively splitting wood, when I went back to deadlifts the other-day I was amazed that I was basically doing for good reps, what I had been struggling with before.

(assuming you are eating very healthy you should still be able to gain strength on a “cut” it’s certainly not unheard of. I have increased my dead-lift while leaning. neuro-muscular control/cns conditioning, increases in tendon strength and etc)