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Looking to Gain 15-20 Lbs.


I'm 30yrs, 5'10", 170lbs, about 17% body fat. I lift about 5 days a week and eat between 5-7 meals a day (high protien). I would really like to gain 15-20 lbs, and am considering beginning to use. Any advice about whats safe and effective would be great...


I'm not going to debate the merit of using; however, if you can not gain without using you should try some other options before going down that path.

How long have you been working out? What kind of exercises do you do? Do you follow a certain type of template?

More importantly how is your diet? Do you record what you eat each day? Do you get sufficient protien (most say 1-2 grams per pound)? Are about 30% of your kcals coming from fat?

You are probably bad at doing one or multiple of the above things. I would recommend you continue replying to this thread or take the money you were going to spend on using and invest in a competent personnal trainer if you choose to take that route instead of educating yourself.


Protein, carbs, and fat. I wouldn't use yet at your size.


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Gaining weight is simple. Take in more calories than you burn and you will gain weight. Are you eating enough calories?


LOOk man>!!! YOur not doing something right! I wish my computer was working right I would show you a pic of me. I was 145 lbs 7 months ago I started taking 50 mgs Of reforvir (dianabol) I took it for two months straight. Yea it made me stronger and it helped my workout go a bit smoother, This was 7 months ago, since then I droped the Roids there no goo for you. Now I've been takenig T-bomb (GNC, Also A natural sterol complex alson GNC. I Eat Sensibal, I consume three protein shakes a day along with two eggs in each shake. Alson in each shake I put 10 grams of creatine, and five grams of L-glutimine, I also Use NO Explode- this is a nitric oxide booster, it helps with recovery vascularity and awsome awesome pumps, I take the shakes- as follows ON in the morning, with t-bomb and natural sterol complex, one shake ofter luch naturl sterol complex, Nitric oxide booster half hour 45 min before work out, then another shake after work out with t-bomb again and naturla sterol complex.. Oh and dont forget to take your multivitamin in the morning/ Also A good way to get quick protein MET/RX protein bar 32gr of protein, try eating three of them through out the day also..... I know all of this stuff aounds overwelming, but it took me to my current status of 175lbs when I was 145..u do the math I train 7 days a week religously and Im always trying something new working my muscle fibers differently. Pick up some magazines read up on things , set a goal, u can do it. I did it now people think I am On steroids, its great. HArd work and determination, keep pushing your self. Its your World.


you still have quite aways to go naturally before using gear, IMO.


I know this isn't probably what you want to hear, but 141lbs. LBM is most likely nowhere near your genetic potential...The objective for a natural bber should be to get themselves as close as possible to their genetic potential before using AAS. I would suggest pumping hard and eating big for the next year and then evaluate things.




all is great....even though your spelling is terrible :))

anyway, how fat have you gotten in 7 months while putting 30lbs on....did u get your BF measured.....if not....then ....well...it's all useless exercise on paper....as you can gain 15lb of fat on that scale and wouldn't know anydifferent,,,,,you would just look bigger.....

just a thought.....and people who think you got big on roids are correct.....you did take DBol.....didn't you :))))

peace out


agreed with MK

what's your height....maybe the geezer is 4foot 10.....then his weight is awesome.....is he's 7foot 4...then.....well.....dunno what to say :))

17%BF is high......a lot of estrogen in your body.......if you go on juice.....well....pray to god and keep your toes crossed......as you are an estrogen bomb :))

just incase someone gets uptight......it's only abit of humour :slight_smile:

peace out


yeah man.....what's up with that

now....go read you reference book....cook some Test P for me.....and get my cycle in order.....that is if you still want your Surge :)))

hahaha....just kiddin :))


Dude at 17% bodyfat I'd consider LOSING 15-20lbs before gaining. If you cut your bodyfat in half, you'll look like you gained 20lbs of muscle. Only then should you try to gain weight/muscle. If you gain 20lbs now, you'll probably gain 10lbs of fat with 10lbs of muscle. You'll look no better than you do now (or worse). Then you may lose all that muscle trying to lose the fat. Lose the fat first. That'll make you get your diet in order too before you try anything else.

But I also agree with everyone else. You shouldn't think about "help" for many years to come.


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