Looking to EAT BIG

I have been searching for bulking diets on the site. I liked Massive Eating Reloaded I and II by JB but, I was wondering if anyone else hyad any success with any other diets on the site. I want to look at as many possibitities as possible before jumping into one.

BTW - I am a 165 lbs. (around 10 %bf), 18 year old reciever on a football team. The team lifts during the season but only twice a week. I do not do additional cardio but it is still hard to keep on weight because of the cardio aspect of practices.

Any recommendations or suggestions with diets and/or trainging would be greatly appriciated?


I’m having great success with The Get Big diet by Thomas Incledon. And if you get all the nutrients from good sources and nearly eliminate junk food it’ll make the results that much better.

The reason I went with it was because it’s actually real science and doesn’t force you to completely overeat like a pig as all the other bulking diets do. Any idiot can pig out, that’s easy.