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Looking To Do First PL Meet


I checked powerliftingwatch.com for meets in NY. For my first PL meet I'm looking to do the USAPL Albany Strength Powerlifting Championships on May 13.

I go to a small college upstate near Utica and have no training partners. How would I go about preparing for this meet without partners, and what should I expect. How will I get spotters come meet day?


I'd suggest picking a meet that is farther out 6 weeks is not a lot of time to prepare. But if you really want to get that first meet experience I'd concentrate on working the 3 main lifts and working them heavy. Make sure you know what your opener is going to be and that you can hit it in gear if you are using any. Get into your gear asap and make sure you know the rules. There is a good article on elitefts in the archives about a first meet experience.