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Looking to Do 5x5/3/1 3 Days, Programming Each Week?

Really excited I got this finally, and ready to finally rest that I have all I need programming wise lol. I want to do the 5x531 3 day week but have a mental block in figuring how to progress thru each cycle of each lift if one lift goes into following week. Hope this makes sense appreciate any help

I dont understand where is the problem exactly?

I guess what I’m trying to ask , is it’ll take more than a week to complete week of “5s”, like bench, squat ,deadlift following Monday press, Tues bench but go up to the week of “3s”

You could set it up like this i guess.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Not sure how JW intended it to be tho.

It just wont be a week as a 7 day week. It will be 8-10 day training week or however you do it and then you move to 3s and repeat. I have a client that does only 1 training a week so we do press/dead one week, bench/squat the next. It’s 14 days for 5s, and 3s and then 1s… The way callendar was set up has nothing to do with training.


I’ve done this plenty of times in the past and it absolutely works.


Awesome thanks for breaking it down. For some reason I couldn’t figure it out lol appreciate it, happy holidays

This,then 1.2 (forget 1.3&4) works amazing…

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I’m definitely going to look at that, tbh I think 5x531 might be over much right now. I need to get a better base first before I advance something simple happy holidays