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Looking to Compete in Natural BBing


Hello everyone,

I have been lifting pretty consistently over the past year for bodybuilding (I lifted through high school and college for sports) and am considering competing in a natural bodybuilding competition this summer or next year's summer.

Currently, I am 5'10.75'' and weigh 181 lbs.

Please give me some criticisms/feed back on my physique and if you think I could look respectable as a competitor (or should I wait another year and add more muscle?)

Current macros: 350/75/220 C/F/P (gained 2 lbs. over 7 weeks/reverse dieting)
Current routine: 5x/week: Upper strength, Lower strength, Arms(BFR), Upper hypertrophy, Lower hypertrophy.

Thanks in advance for all of your help


I think that you have a solid build but I would wait another year before competing if I were you. It could just be that picture but you do not look too terribly lean at 180lbs at 5’10". I weighed in at 177lbs at 5’10" for competition and I felt that I looked a little too small. You could do the competition for the experience I suppose.

Can you post additional pictures with different poses?

I like the workout routine that you are doing though.


Sure thing


I have been emphasizing back on upper days (BB rows, neutral grip pulldowns, and high lat machine rows), and deadlifts/RDLs on lower days


Also, I am not really lean right now (guessing 11-13%)


Thanks for the variety.

You can tell that you’ve been working on your back.

Quadriceps are developed well. But in your back shot, you are not flexing your hamstrings and glutes. I know that the back shot you’ve provided isn’t a real bodybuilding pose so maybe that was your intention.

Awesome shoulder development in the front deltoid region.

As a whole, your shoulders and quadriceps seem like a strong point of yours.

Very nice build dude but I still think I would wait a year. Think how impressive your stage debut will be next year.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the best.



Not sure why your score is so low. Agree with Handsome Rob 84.


[quote]usmccds423 wrote:
Not sure why your score is so low. Agree with Handsome Rob 84. [/quote]

I put zero stock in the scores on here. They’re ridiculous.


Rob, thanks for the advise. I really appreciate it.

I think I’m going to end up waiting the extra year (which was my original plan when I made my goal of competing). I’d rather not look like a bean pole on stage haha.


Thanks usmccds423


Flipcollar- So I noticed. I saw your posts and those quads should get higher than a 4.2 by themselves.


As has been said, decently balanced, but when dieted to contest shape, you may find yourself lacking. Use the time intelligently, and you’ll be much happier no doubt.

For a bit of reference, I’m only 5’8 and my contest weight was usually 175-178 lbs. Most competitors drop considerably to get that really dry and tight look.



All the bodybuilders I’ve ever seen compete are much more developed than you even the natural ones. Heck I don’t even lift for maximum hypertrophy and I’m much more developed than you.

I’d say you need several more years of proper training diet etc. I think you can do it.