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Looking to Come Off TRT

Hi everyone. I could really use some advice on coming off TRT as my girlfriend and I are trying for a baby and a lot of the symptoms I went on it in the first place haven’t improved a lot. I was initially on HCG to maintain fertility but I found it impossible to control my estrogen levels so I dropped it. I am looking to use HCG which I have 2 x 5000iu vials and 100 x 20mg Nolvadex. I am avoiding Clomid due to its nasty side effects.

My latest blood test reveal all my levels are good:

Testosterone: 807 ng/dl
Oestradiol: 45 pg/ml
Free Test: 15.9 ng/dl

Could any of you help me with a protocol using what I have to come off? My initial thoughts on this would be after two weeks since the last shot of testosterone enanthate, start 500iu HCG EOD of 2 weeks, then switch to Nolvadex 2x20 ED for two weeks, 1x20 ED the two weeks after and then 10mg for the last four weeks? I intend to get bloods done at 4-6 weeks to see whats what.

Any help you guys can give would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Start the HCG before the last shot, not after. You will probably need a stronger dose of Nolva, more like 40 to start. Search PCT in the Pharma thread. In regards to nasty side from Clomid - have you used it and experienced them or are you just nervous because of the experience of others?

Thanks Hardartery, I’ll check out that forum.

I’ve never used clomid, but from what I’ve read, clomid and nolvadex do the same thing only clomid is stronger and comes with more side effects like depression and anxiety.

Clomid had no side effects for me whatsoever. Short term use is pretty safe.
Also, check into this: Gonadorelin, the brand name is Factrel.

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Just had a look ad Gonadorelin and it seems promising as it says it induces LH and might help my balls start working again. I’ll see if I can get some. Should I start taking it as the same time as HCG or Nolvadex?

One other thing, will I need to continue with arimadex when T injections have stopped? I over respond to it as I only take 0.25mg every week, any more and I end up crashing.

If you were ona cycle, you would continue the adex for a week past the last shot. For TRT. I would not, just drop it. I should point out that I do not personally have any experience with Gonadorelin, just throwing it out there as a possibility.

Thanks for the replies Hardartery.

I’m on TRT so I’ll just drop it with my last T shot and I’ll look further into Gonadorelin.

Just in case you ever decided to restart TRT, your Free levels are suboptimal, men go on TRT for these levels, SHBG must be elevated.

Are you sure systemlord? Think I should have converted it to ng/L which would be 158 ng/L. I’m in the UK and we use the SI unit nmol for measuring Free Test. The results said that was near the top end of the range.

My SHBG is 27.5 nmol or 793 ng/dl

You never did detail your TRT protocol, I wonder if your levels were elevated 24/7 and not just a few days out of the week and lower levels in the remainder of the week.

The experts are saying men at or below 15 pg/mL are expected to show benefit on TRT, you’re right at the cutoff point and you’re on TRT.

Too many people focus on Total T and forget that it is bound to SHBG and that the free portion is more important, so while your bound hormone is sufficiently elevated, your Free T is underwhelming.

I didn’t feel my best when Free T was 16 pg/mL, I didn’t feel optimal until Free T hit 20.

Damn in that case with high Free T and good SHBG I should have been feeling amazing…

My TRT protocol was 160mg testosterone enanthate split into 80mg shots twice a week with 0.25mg arimidex the day of the second shot.

Do you think my exit protocol is good to go?

Here’s what I did…

I think you should do HCG 300-400iu daily X 14 days, followed by Nolvadex 20mg daily X 28 days (6 week cumulative regimen).

I know what you mean Roscop, there’s so many different protocols for people in different situations.It was good to ready your story and although you didn’t manage to stay off, at least you were getting a lot of the benefits of TRT. My levels are all good but I don’t feel much better than before TRT… at least if I do take a nose dive in how I feel, I can hopefully get my girlfriend pregnant and then go back on TRT.

I’m considering running the nolva for a few weeks more at a lower dose - that might stop me from crashing as you did when you ended the Nolva.

I was considering daily. Is there any advantage to this?

PCT is structured a certain way for a reason. Lower dose for longer is not necessarily better but is probably less effective. Do a standard PCT and adjust as necessary. You start at 40 to kit it in gear, you don’t want to drop off a cliff hormone wise in transition.

A daily protocol was the only protocol where I never felt the swings in levels during the first 6 weeks, I felt no fluctuations in levels and was very smooth and easy going. On an EOD protocol the swings were much more noticeable. My body got a joint of testosterone every morning just like it did naturally, my body always had T available rather than a big dip on day two on an EOD protocol on days I didn’t inject T.

You asked if there is an advantage, hell yeah!

Very good point. I read Roscop’s journey trying to come off above and he started on 20mg Nolvadex and he crashed quiet hard when he came off.

I’ll stick to 40mg for the first two weeks and just do it for the normal amount of time.

Yeah I get you, I’ll switch it to every day for the two weeks. Are you sure I won’t need to continue with arimidex being on that much HCG? Or won’t the estrogen have time to get high with the exogenous testosterone decreasing quickly?

WE are in uncharted waters here, my estrogen dropped dramatically (56-<29) going from a an EOD to an ED protocol. You could try reducing the AI dose.