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Looking to Change

I’ve been reading the Nation for around 8 months now and boy has it changed my life/outlook on many things. So far I’m down to 227 from 273 around 10 months ago. A big reason for the change was my mothers twin, he is around 330 and suffering from congestive heart failure among other things so I decided to stop fuckin around loose weight. But I have a couple questions.

When I squat I find it more comfortable to have my heels elevated around an inch or so in order for me to go ATG. Is that normal or do I just need to stop being a big puss and get more flexible.

Also, I just started drinking a protein shake before my work out. Is this advisable or should I be eating/taking something else.

My ultimate goal is to reach 200 and then I can start training for strength instead of losing weight. The main program I have been using is TC War Room Strategies to Maximize Fat loss, which seems to be working well.


Nice work man. I don’t see anything wrong with elevated heels, hell, that is why they make weightlifting shoes because of the elevated heel they have built into them. If your interested try looking for some online Addidas makes a nice weightlifting shoe. Your limiting factors right now are probably your hip and/or ankle flexibility so i would work on that so you can get off the elevation at some point.

A shake b4 your workout is completely fine. I used the War Room Strategies before and it kicked major ass although it was CT not TC who wrote it.

LOL I just figured out that on the way home, hopefully he dosent reach through the computer and kick my ass all Chuck Norris style

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the weight room, might as well figure out how to do a proper squat.

It’s not terribly difficult to do 10 minutes of hip mobility to warm up and it would improve your overall health as a bonus.

congrats on the progress so far. protein shake before is fine, but make sure youre getting something post workout too. also, theres no reason you cant train for strength and lose fat at the same time.