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Looking to Buy Some Power Plus Machines. Any Info?

Yea, I posted the thread, although I’m not real computer fluent, …and I wondered where it went,…I thought that maybe I violated some "Terms of agreement, or sumthin like that,…so how do I get to it on the Dr Darden site…??

OK I’m gonna seek out the “OFF TOPIC” area

entsminger, what machine were you looking to get???

OK, So I found out how to go to off topic, …but how do you “flag” a post???

Yep. This is typically the forum used for “where do I buy equipment”-type threads. Mods will always move threads into the most appropriate forum for the topic.

Dr. Darden’s Coaching forum is here: https://forums.t-nation.com/c/ellington-darden-coaching
That section is primarily for Q&A with Dr. Darden, discussing his training programs, and other issues directly related to his work. This topic doesn’t fall under those guidelines.

There’s a flag icon on the bottom of each post: TN Forum Flag

Do you mean flag or do you mean bookmark?

Flagging a post implies you want it removed for some reason.

Bookmarking it is a way for you to come back to it at a later date.

Power Plus Compound Row - Facebook marketplace, Bloomington, IN - $800.

Thanks strengthmaster for the tip, I went on facebook marketplace, and typed in power plus compound row, …then I tried nautilus power plus compound row,…then I tried the same titles followed by ,in bloomington, IN…but no info, what am I doing wrong, I know these computer texts are super sensitive to the exact title, or am I missing something??, thanks in advance for any info you can give me

Try this: Redirecting...

If the link works, about 10 rows down.

No longer see it on there. Did You get it?

no didnt see it, probably got sold,…Thanks for the info though, I;m gonna try typing in different cities in the filter area, that might do it, cuz the website only lets you search in a 500 mile radius