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Looking to Buy Some Power Plus Machines. Any Info?

howdy y’all, I’ve been a nautilus machine fan since 1972, I’ve tried about 80% of all the machines that made it to market, including the super rare squat machine, not the duo-squat, but the one advertised in Iron man mag, it was in a club in sacramento,calif, run by a guy named frank timmerman, Anyway I would like to buy a few power plus machines, namely the pullover, & mid rowing torso, any of you guys have any info,…BTW, I check with ebay,amazon, offer up, facebook marketplace,google, IFR.net,craigslist, but havent had any luck

Anyone know what Goalder might charge to ship a Nautilus machine from Texas to Virginia?

I believe his going rate is $500 per machine right now. Just saw him when he picked one up from me a couple weeks ago.

Do you have a number or email for him?

Hey strengthmaster, You said you have a power plus pullover, how would you compare it to other nautilus pullover machines,( if you’ve used them), and would you sell your power plus pullover?? , or do you know of anyone who has one and would sell it???

Goalder: David cell-(660) 460-0133
e-mail: goaldertransportation@hotmail.com

The Power Plus Pullover is as good as (and a little better IMO) than any of the other pullovers. And yes, I’ve used them all over the years. Kevlar belt drive and no guide rod friction make it slightly better IMO. But, not a whole lot. The only pullover I’d rather have is the MedX Avenger, also plate-loaded, adjustable elbow pads and wt. storage on the machine. I won’t sell my Power Plus. And sorry, I don’t know anyone else that has one.

You realize, the Power Plus line was not manufactured for very long. There aren’t a ton of them out there.

Do it!

OK, what are you gonna get? Compound Biceps?

Thanks for the reply, I also know the power plus had a short production run, my favorites are the xpload, and the power plus line (due to their simplicity and great egro’s and strength curves), I recently got a next gen pullover that needs some refurbishing, it has a very good strength curve (negative cam), and very low friction,…But I really like how the power plus has the smallest footprint of any of the pullover machines, I wish Greg Webb and the rest of the engineers at nautilus would have made an Xpload plate loaded pullover, behind neck, rowing torso,decline pec fly,clam shell ab machine & squat machine , that would have been perfection of the nautilus machines

Possibly depending on what Goalder charges and if it hasn’t sold already? I know, it seems stupid to get one as it isn’t the ultimate bicep machine and I already have the one that is, the plate loader.

Doesn’t seem stupid at all. You’ve always wanted it. Scratch the itch and get on with it.
Hope you get it. I would if the chance came up. Pretty sure Goalder will be $500.

I know you said you look there, but did you contact Bill Casto at IFR and tell him you want that one? We have half a dozen Power Plus machines in our high school weight room. Well, 5 now, minus the Pullover, which I had purchased. I retired and took the equipment I had purchased. I’d have most all of that line in my home gym if I had room. I really like most of the XpLoad line, particularly the Leg Press. The machine I’m after is the old Nautilus Leverage Biceps/Triceps. I’d find a way to fit that in my basement or garage. Let me know if you ever run across that one.

Strengthmaster, yea, I called bill and specifically asked if he would search out anyone who had a power plus pullover, he did, and their answer was no, I used most of the old nautilus leverage line at a golds gym in san jose,ca. many years ago,…I didnt like most of it , the ergo’s just didnt feel right, I was really disappointed with the pullover, bi/tri, and the laterial raise, the leg press was good,and the leg curl (when they put on a bigger roller pad) was great,…Do you know what power plus machines are still available from the high school weight room???, and “IF” you ever change your mind about selling the P.P.pullover, please let me know asap,…Thanks

I thought that the leverage bi/tri would be better than the original bi/tri (both plate loaded), because they had kevlar belts and ball bearing pulleys,
But the egronomics were different (due to different hand position) and just didnt feel right, Similar to the hammer strength pullover vs the original plate loaded pullover,…the hammer pullover has a good strength curve, but it feels unnatural compared to the original,…plus it has no foot bar that allow’s you to get in & out of the machine easily, when your doing a heavy set on the hammer its difficult to get into proper position to use it

Strenghtmaster, so I’m looking for power plus Pullover, mid rowing,and laterial raise, are any of these machines still available at the high school gym for sale ( I know you already said you bought the pullover)

I guess nothing now, the machine went to someone else.

Sorry to hear that.

Funny thing is I don’t see this thread when I go to the Darden threads?

Yeah, they moved it to the OFF TOPIC forum category. I wondered where it went and had to find it.