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Looking To Buy My First Pair Of Knee Wraps, And How To Use Them

Okay so I’m definitely new to the whole Knee Wrap Stuff and I want to buy a pair for a meet in the near future, there just seems to be a lot of different things that go into Knee Wraps… Well mainly brand and lengths. Not looking necessarily for an EXTREME pair of wraps but something that is strong for my first time using them. What should I look for?
Also what’s all the ins and outs on how/when to use them??

The Elite FTS normal wraps are probably a good entry level wrap. Comfortable, pretty forgiving and easy to wrap. Inzer grippers probably wouldn’t be bad either.

How you wrap is up to you. It’s better to have someone do it for you, but it needs to be the same person in training as on meet day. You can wrap yourself just fine though. I count my revolutions so I know how much tension I get for a given set.

Whether you go top down, bottom up, in or out, spirals or sub-x is down to what you prefer. A good place to start is probably bottom up wrapping out in spirals. You want to have a wrap and a half width below and above the knee, and overlap each revolution around half the width of the wrap. Try to get all the way back down to the bottom, which should be eight to 10 revolutions (four or five up and then back down).

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It depends what brands are available to you depending on where you live, if you are in the US then there are a lot to choose from. Inzer grippers are a good starting point, Pioneer Guardians (the black and white ones, not Blue Guardian) are pretty similar. Once you get used to those you can try something stronger.

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