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Looking to Buy My First Pair of Briefs

I want to buy my first pair of briefs
Looking for something with enough compression to be just shy of being considered geared.
My SBD knee sleeves are great and still legal. Shorts are a new item and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions.
Any help is appreciated.

Since you’re worrying about being considered “geared”, are you looking for something USAPL/IPF legal? As far as I know, you can’t have any undergarment leg covering (think tighty-whities) and still compete in the raw divisions.

any kind of brief that you buy, titan, inzer, metal whatever, is going to be considered geared lifting. If you compete raw I would just buy a cheaper squat suit from titan or whatever and use it with the straps down. That way you can get more usage out of it if you want more support or less

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Probably only really looking into compression type shorts as mentioned other powerlifting brand briefs probably won’t qualify. Rehband makes thermal shorts that may be as close as you can get. No experience using them but worth a look.

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got the rehband and they work great for keeping me warm.