Looking to Buy a Weighted Vest. Any Brand Recommendations?

I’m looking to buy a weighted vest for walking and calisthenics. Any brand recommendations or it doesn’t matter? thanks.

I have a ZFO Sports 60 lbs vest and I love it. Wear it for long runs. Stays tight to the body.

I got the RunFast Maxpro 40lber. Pretty cheap. Effective.

I have tried a number of different weight vests - nothing compares to the X-Vest. Not even close. If anyone is familiar with the weight vest work that I do for strength/conditioning or challenges, the vest must be secure and comfortable to do. Walking doesn’t really matter that much - but if you want to do something more than walk, you need to get a vest that fits like a glove and is easy to load with as much weight as you can afford.

Thanks for the input.

ZFOsports vest are not too bad. I have a 66 pounder that I use for stadium walks, push ups and some pulling movements. I have no complaints.

A Kettlebell and a standard backpack work just fine; you have to re-adjust it periodically but it works.

Pretty happy with my ZFO too, but really want to try out an x-vest. Are there any retailers that carry them so I would be able to try one on before dropping all that loot?