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Looking to Build Pure Muscle

Hey guys any help will be appreciate I want to build up again. I want to know what type of steroids I should use for my second course

The anabolic-androgenic ones.

Yes thanks

What was your first course? Did it work for you? If it did. “Amplify” it. For example, if you ran 500mg test. Try 750mg
Or try 500mg with 300deca

I wish I knew how to build “pure muscle” haha seriously though, do you wanna get Huuuge. And sloppy and bloaty. Or do you want to recomp and in the process “look bigger” by loosing fat and gaining muscle.

I honesty don’t know how to help you man. You were so descriptive with your post I don’t know where to begin

I wish that we could hide this forum behind an IQ test.

Hey guys, I want to put extra hormones in my body, running the risk of shutting down test production permanently if I don’t do it right, but I don’t really feel like doing any research. I can totally trust some random guys on the internet to tell me exactly what to take with barely any input on my current state or my goals, right?

Bro… Everyone knows steroids and creatine give you those fake muscles