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Looking to Better Myself


Ok so as the title says I am seeking advice. I am a former high school and college athlete (football and rugby if anyone was wondering). I quit athletics about 4 years ago and well that was the start if the downfall. I gained a lot of weight really fast cause my nutrtion went out the window. I am now 275 pounds at 6’01. I am looking for a training program that fits into my work schedule. I work 4 on 4 off then 3 on 3 off. I was thinking of doing full body workouts everday but I am not sure thats possible. My goal is to build up muscle I “lost” (I didn’t lose a lot of strength I just look flabby). If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.


How long is your work day? how stressful is your job physically and or mentally?


I’d like to give some advice, but your goals are pretty vague, as is the amount of time/days you’re available to lift in a week. It SEEMS like you have at least 3 days every week that you can definitely go to the gym, is that correct? And how much time do you have when you go?

Are you most concerned with fat loss, strength, aesthetics, or some combination of 2 or 3 of these? Since you said you didn’t lose much strength, and you’re trying to get back what you lost, I’m assuming strength isn’t a priority. It sounds to me like fat loss is the highest priority, if you don’t want to look flabby. You’re obviously very much overweight. Based on this, I think 2 or 3 days a week doing a full body program would be just fine for your goals, along with a very focused nutrition plan. If you give us more information to work with, I’m sure you’ll get a more helpful response.


Time isn’t a concern when i go to the gym. Its just finding the right plan and yeah i am chubby as f*ck so fat loss is my biggest priority. I’m sorry for being so vague about things.


Work day is 12-16hrs and it’s in a jail so the mental and physical stress varies day to day.


Do you want to be doing the same things everytime you go to the gym, or are you looking for some variety? There’s a Dan John 2-day per week program that I think is excellent. It just goes back and forth between 2 workouts. If you had more opportunities to get to the gym than just twice in a week, you could just take it as an A and B workout, and continuously alternate between the 2 workouts at your convenience. https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/2-times-a-week-for-twice-the-gains Here’s the article for reference.


I had actually looked at that earlier. My thing is, and I know it is all mental, but I personally feel better if I switch up the work out everytime I’m at the gym to an extent at least. I was trying to do a p/p/l the past few years but without a proper plan or anything I always end up doing the same 3 lifts everytime. That’s why I started looking into a full body routine because I’ll feel exhausted and not like I wasted my time. I’m sorry for being so ignorant about these things, I never really looked into lifting like I am now it was just always something I had to do for sports.


Then I think that program would likely suit you well enough. There’s some room for variety, while still being a very focused, basic program that will absolutely get you results. Is there anything about it that you DON’T like?


I didn’t see anything other than it looks too hard! I’m kidding around as long as the program gets me results I’ll be fine with it. Thanks for the help and suggestion.