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Looking to Become a Personal Trainer

Hello every one. I am looking in to becoming a certified personal trainer and am looking for advice on getting my certification.

Is what I am looking in to currently, dose any one know of any other options or have any advice or input on getting certified?

If you go to college/university you should check if they have any programs for different certifications. Just through my college I’ve been able to get a Nutrition and Fitness certification, not so useful, but better than nothing and at least I got to learn a fair bit about nutrition in the process.

I’m not sure of where you live, but where I live in Cali the most sought after certs are ACSM and NASM (which I’m at the end of).

Ok so there are many different places to gain my certification right? So far I have seen NSCA, NASM, ACSM, and ISSA. They are all obviously certification for personal trainers so are they regional or is it kind of like college where as a Degree from lets say Ohio State or Michigan are both degrees but some employers may look upon one school higher?

Sorry just a little confused here.

I live in Ohio by the way.