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Looking to Become a Fitness Figure Competitor


Hey I am looking to become a fitness figure competitor. I really need a strict routine or see what some of these other competitors are doing to get into that shape. I understand most of the dieting and have worked on that but also am looking for tips or diet plans. Also any workout routines or past ones that other competitors have done.

My routine consists of cardio daily as well as lifting 5-6 days a week.
I change up routines from HITT training and MAXHR routines to muscle building time to time.

21 male


I don't think they let dudes do figure....


Did you mean Physique?



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Yea thats what i meant physique anybody got any good tips, and not gonna stop eating but thanks for the input buddy. Just trying to get some tips on what some people have had success with.


Well a few threads below, there was people talking about the same thing.



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