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Looking to Add to My TRT


Im on 200mg of Test Cyp /wk. 1 mg Anastrozole in split dosages /wk.
Been on TRT for 2-1/2 yrs
Been training for close to 2 years now.
47 yrs old
220 lbs
Gym stats:
Bench-280 lbs
Squat-300(hip issue holding me back)
Dead Lift-350
Military press-200
Im considering between Anavar (50 mg /day for 6 weeks) or some Deca (need advice on dosage)
Im concerned about getting Deca dick. I enjoy a great sex life with the wife and I dont want to risk that.
Im not looking to be the biggest guy in the gym or the most ripped. I just want to be the best I can for my wife, get a little more mass and drop a bit more fat.
Latest labs:


Your choices are almost limitless, depends alot on availability and expense. I’ve done as much as 100mg of Anavar a day, got harder and huge pumps but also got bad muscle cramps in weird places (like abs). I would consider adding either Masteron, or Tren. Do your research on these and then make your decisions. Tren is the most powerful anabolic there is but it comes with some undesirable side effects.

Looking at your labs, your E2 is pretty high at 38. The target is 22-25, you might want to up your Arimidex doses. That alone may give you the results you want, by decreasing BF.


Thanks for your reply.
I have increased my Anastrozole to .6 mg and also have started to split my T shots. Instead of one shot a wk, Im now doing 2. Next labs will tell…
I did take my Anas to .8mg per dose and noticed some pain in a wrist I broke many years ago ao I backed it off a bit.
Im afraid to try Tren. I enjoy great sleep and a great relationship with my wife. I dont know if the sides will be worth it…How bout smaller doses? Worth it?
Ill check into Mast a little more. I did read a small bit about it.


As far as deca: I’d try npp (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) before I tried deca, though both are good. Keep your doses low and not what a lot of people tell you: you don’t sound like a massive-goaled beast nor a wannabe high dose kid so 200-300mg is good on nandrolones. You’re get a big bump in anabolism, performance and recovery.

As far as Anavar: I’d dose at 40-50mg a day for your goals.

What I would do is try npp for 6-8 weeks, then just trt for 3-4 and then try var for 6-8 weeks, then just trt and go from there, try mast at 300-400mg a week, then try combos based on what you want,like,and goals. I love 8 week “blasts” with a short “off” time. I’d stay away from Tren unless physique is your only goal as I find it ruins performance, mood, etc. But you’d probably want to try it once and see for yourself, 250-350mg a week is plenty. Note that my recommendations are based on your trt dose with all the compounds.


deca is some goooddd sheeet especially for shoulder pain. I dont know about anavr though, to me its useless they treat kids with it…


It’s pretty damn mild and most everything else gives better results in any area but still worth trying as some are madly in love with it though some think it’s useless, I enjoy it but only run it every few years. It’s only sides to me are cramps, cholesterol, and thinning of my wallet. It’s good for summer runs, ok beginning or ending a cutting period, contests/events, and those of us in our/over 40’s.


That’s fuckin sick levels for trt mate.


Tren is the nectar of the gods!! It is tough on the body but the results are amazing. I can’t speak for Deca yet, I have it but haven’t taken it yet. Anavar is great. I use it when I am in show prep for the last 6-8 weeks. The pumps from var are crazy, to the point of fucking hurting! Your test levels are pretty high considering you are on TRT. You can pretty much add whatever you want.


Thanks for the advice guys.
What about Tbol? Is that something I could look into?


Definitely. It’s personally one of my favorites overall. Others do things better but not as smooth.