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Looking to Add Some Lean Muscle

Since I�??m new around these here parts. I thought I�??d keep this short for now and will add information later if needed. (Well it sounds like a plan to me)

I�??m looking at putting on some lean muscles, staying toned.

I�??m 5,11 foot and 66kg ATM

I�??ve been going to my local gym for about two years now. But only in the past 3 months really putting my mind into putting on muscles and size.
Were as in the past it�??s just been to keep fit and feel good.

In my first 1 month I put on 5kg, but since then I�??ve been putting on around 1kg a month.

I�??ve been going every other day.
So for example
M: gym (chest, triceps)
T: off
W: gym (shoulders, Legs, abs)
T: off
F: gym (chest, Biceps)
S: off
S: gym (legs, Back, abs)
M: off

But recently changed to 2 day on 1 day off. Just for a bit of a change but only for a few weeks. And pushing to failure on one exercise on each muscles group. But I�??ll g back to every other day in a week or two.

Any idea if what I�??m doing is any good?
All advice is welcome.
Can provide weights for each lift and full work out list if needed

Thanks in advance

You NEED to red this.

check out TBT and ABBH I and II here. follow them exactly. Check out everything by Berardi. Check out the beginner thread on top of this forum (Are you a beginner? Part II)

You’re working chest and legs twice a week but back only once. You should work your back at least as much as your chest. The link Zephead gave you is “Starting Strength”. Great program. The programs Dreads referred you too are good to.

The important thing to get here is train frequently. The beginner/intermediate lifter can train the same body part every 2-3 days. Train with large compound movements. Every workout should include a variation of Squat, Deadlift, Press and Pull. Warm up completely and do them heavy, volume is less important than intensity at the early stages. Once you find you can’t recover from one workout to the next, either go heavy/light in successive workouts or alternate upper/lower or push/pull. use progressly heavier weights and more intensity.


Thanks. i’ll have a look at look at them. and let you know how i get on