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Looking Shredded?


Hey guys, I wanted to know some suggestions about the best possible way to cut fat without losing very much muscle mass. I know dieting is a huge part in it and my diet is fine, just wanted to get some advice.


Lifts weight, run, eat healthy.


if your diet is fine then this question is not needed.

and to still answer it with diet, eat a lot more fat, a lot(!) less carbs. like keep your carb intake to only post workout and even that minimize it as much as you can. just use enough to help push any supplements you may take to get into the muscle better by that quick insulin spike as well.


The best possible way to cut fat without losing muscle requires a diet that's more than "fine."

Take that kind of diet, add weight training to encourage muscle preservation/continued muscle building plus some kind of cardio exercise to burn additional calories, and you've got an ideal fat loss plan.

Ask a vague question, get a vague answer, bud.


Look at some of the competition threads in the bodybuilding section, and you'll see plenty of folks who lose fat while keeping muscle and end up looking pretty damned shredded in the process.





thanks for the advice everyone


Interesting. I got pretty shredded eating low fat and high carbs :slight_smile:


AFTER you follow all of the advice in the thread, start throwing down some MAG-10.


Ya, I was looking into the ANACONDA Protocol 2. Might get that one.


So low fat high carbs or vice versa? Its always been my thought that you need both but carbs (the right kind) give you energy and are essential for post workout rebuilding and fats slow down your digestive system and should be mostly avoided except occasional dairy, nuts, etc.


find the books good carbs, bad carbs or why we get fat. both by gary taubes. it can explain things far better then i can. the second one is less sciencey and a quick read. i got through it in 2 days.

both books go into detail on the mechanisms behind storing body fat and utilizing body fat. from all the books that i have read and all the people i have talked to about nutrition what is in those books are universally accepted on the mechanisms of fat loss/gain. no matter if you are a fan of any combination of high or low any macronutrient.

the references for those books are bigger then some books i have read on nutrition. so there is lots of science to back up what he writes about. he covers thousands of research articles and one in particular shows an island population that was tracked for about 75 years.


Sounds great, I'll look into it, thanks.


Take a picture holding a shoe...it's the only way we can gauge your current body fat levels and what needs to be done moving forward


the largest amount of carbs i take in are pre and post workout. i try and minimize them all other times. of course working in an office and donut friday usually kills that, lol.

IMO fat does not slow it down, it just takes longer to digest and does not raise blood sugar levels much over a short period of time so insulin is not secreted due to its effects.

but what speeds up and slows down the metabolism seems [to me] to cause some controversy. there is a line of thought, theory i will call it that the thinking of cause and effect on metabolism is not quite right. not sure if i believe it or not.

more reading is definitely needed. i would try to explain it but my understanding is still weak on it. i will see if i can find a link to an article that can explain more elegantly then i can. and maybe learn more about it myself. it definitely has peaked my interest.

edit those books i posted earlier talk about this theory that is rather controversial. i have read them both but had not past judgement on it as of yet.




I am male, 25, roughly 5 ft 11 in. 156 lb. I am at the moment 12% body fat. I will be frank, I am thinking of giving up getting to single figure body fat. I sorely need advice on how to get to single figures (9% would be amazing). I will list my diet as follows. If anyone see anything wrong please let me know and reply.

First I am very sure I am getting enough protein, (around 200g a day)

Meal 1 - 70g Pure whey shake (skimmed Milk)

Meal 2 - Chicken breast and 3 bacon rashers, with broccoli and a low fat dressing. (1.5 average size breast)

Meal 3 - Chicken breast and 3 bacon rashers, with broccoli and a low fat dressing (1.5 average size breast)

Meal 4 (Pre Workout, usually dinner) - 2 Chicken Breast with broccoli and a low fat dressing.

During Workout 70g pure whey shake (skimmed milk)

This is the diet I have Monday to Thursday, on Friday I have The same as the other days up until dinner, I have a cheat meal, usually pizza, and a dessert.

Saturday and Sunday are as follows;

Meal 1 - 70g pure whey shake with skimmed milk

Meal 2 - 4 Egg Omelette, served with broccoli

During workout - 70g pure whey shake with skimmed milk

Meal 3 another 4 egg omelette, no broccoli

Meal 4 (dinner) 2 Chicken Breasts, with broccoli and a low fat dressing

My training is 4 days lifting, usually 2 days back and biceps, one day chest and tris and one day shoulders and tris, I do squats and dead lifts spread over the 2 back and biceps days.

I recently exchanged the chicken wings for breast for the dinner time meal, only been like this for a week.

I also do HIIT training 3 days (my non lift days) a 10 minute warm up then as follows;

1 x 300m sprint
5 x 100m sprints


"good carb, bad carb" or "good calorie, bad calorie"....?


5'11 and 156 pounds??? I'd try to add more mass first. 12% isn't that bad


You don't have enough muscle to look "shredded" with any additional weight loss, in my opinion. You're going to look like Christian bale in the machinist if you lose any more body fat.