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Looking New Family Doc in Toronto


Hey there,

I currently live in Toronto and I was wondering whether anybody here has or knows of a good/quality family doctor in Toronto that is accepting new patients(preferably near central or west Toronto)?

I can't stand my doctor anymore (sorry i'm venting). He always wants to rush you and never takes the time to work with the patient.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Go to the web site of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and use their database search to find which docs are accepting new patients in your area.


Then make appointments with a few and interview them to see if they meet your needs.

I've heard that the CPSO database only gets updated once a year, so you may call a doc and find out that he/she isn't accepting new patients anymore. However, eventually you should be able to find someone.

Good luck!



It can be pretty tough getting a physician in Toronto. We do have some problems with this, but yes that website will help.

I have one and he's a very young forward thinking guy. He's in central east, in a pretty bad part of town, but during the day, it's fine.

I haven't asked him if he's still accepting patients..he may not be.

Good luck,



Thanks for the help guys. I'll definitely check out the site.

Hopefully I can find a good one. It just pisses me off everytime I think of my crappy doctor. Oh well.



I'm out in Oakville; I have a family doctor but have gone to a few walk-in clinics. I've encountered some really decent doctors but at the same time some real scum. Some of them take patients permanently - would a walk-in clinic be an option for you?