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Looking into Stronglifts

I’m currently 190-195ish 16-17% body fat. My current training split goes Chest/Shoulders/Triceps then Back/Biceps, rest and repeat. Primarily compound lifts. I don’t do any leg lifts right now because I’m trying to build up my running, at 25 mpw, I want to a run a half marathon by next September.

Currently benching 215 5x5 and making good progress with that. I don’t do squats, most I’ve ever done is 225 and that wasn’t with good form. Used to be able deadlift 300 for 5 reps.

Ideally I want to get to 210 with 10-12% BF. I’m worried that the SL program doesn’t put enough emphasis on the back. I’m not huge or incredibly strong by any means, but people harp on how great SL is as a beginner’s program and I’m by no means a beginner.

your 16% body fat and worried you won’t be able to rune 21ks by next year?

no need to neglect legs If anything you should be training them.

I’ve never done serious distance running before. Always overtrained and got ITB or shin splint problems. Switched to vibrams and now I’m motoring.

I think the main reason my squat sucks is due to a hernia last year and a mental block when it comes to doing heavy free weights with legs. Really don’t want to re-injure myself.

if you are not huge by any means and do not put up big numbers, you are a beginner.

this does not apply to your past injury, but this guy is 44 and a competitive cyclist:

he finished one year of serious training and made respectable gains. what’s more, his sprints became more explosive.

what kind of hernia do you have? has it been repaired? also, do you think that heavy back training will not aggravate a hernia?

You mentioned you don’t want to train legs alot and you have problems with the squat and your looking into a program that has you squating 3 times a week??? Your training program has to match your goals.

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