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Looking Into New Supplements


Im looking into purchasing new suppliments. I've seen gains with a few of the products i've taken but nothing too extravagant. I've been all over the board when it comes to NO products, Creatine, and post workout formulas. I've done some research on certain products, but I can never truly believe what the product's website says. I want to know from first hand experience what really gives the gains, and is affordable. Tips please!

Currently I'm taking:
Pre workout- NO-xplode with some BCAA's
Post- Waxy Maize, BCAA's, Gaspari Nutrition: Size On, and 40g of whey isolate

Tips on modifying that are welcome as well!

I'm very interested in Biotest's products like Surge, and Flameout, any feedback on those would be great.


do you currently take a high dose fish oil ? if you don't i would honestly put that at the top of the list even above protein supplements


I do have some fish oil, how often should I take it?


Drop, the NO Xplode... this is total crap and is basically really expensive caffiene. If you NEED caffiene, you can get some pure caffiene anhydrous powder and some empty capsules to take it with somewhere else.

Now, if you're not cutting, I'd say take 10-20 grams of fish oil a day. Atleast 10 grams after working out and I'm not really sure when to take it at other times in the day for full effect.


Are any pre-workout drinks/suppliments worth the money? There is no way I can do straight up caffeine, I'd end up falling asleep halfway through my workout.


Power Drive & Spike. I prefer Power Drive.


Power Drive always gave me that nice pre-workout buzz.

Surge can also be used pre workout as well as post workout. Maybe you can take half a serving before, half a serving during, and a full serving after working out.

Thats what I used to do until I decided to experiment with some waxy maize. Probably going to go back to that once my waxy maize runs out...fucking 6.6 lbs...Actually I can't wait to go back to that because Chocolate Surge tastes like concentrated goodness.


I got myself five pounds of some waxy maize, feels like I stuff myself full of mash potatoes after each workout. Ill look more into Surge, it seems to have many good reviews all around this website.

Thanks for the tips!


I thought the benefit of waxy maize was it's quick absorption, but if you mix it with whey it slows the absorption so you may as well have bought something less expensive.

it's good if you like it and it works for you.

Just remember that if you are taking it for the quick absorption, don't mix it with whey

vitaman C will help reduce cortisol so that is useful after a workout

the new supp, L-Leucine is something to think about. Leucine makes your meal anabolic and you only need 5gs per meal.


I was under the impression that waxy maize would absorb the protein better.

I've been working out for a while, but its continually a learning process... what is cortisol?

Never thought of taking just leucine with a meal, that sounds great.

thank you very much for the tips!


I don't want to mislead you! I just thought if you were paying extra money for waxy maize for the quick absorption, that quickness is gone when whey is added.


Cortisol is the bodies 'stress' hormone, also known as a glucocorticoid released by the adrenal gland's cortex in response to stress e.g being chased by a bear, or spending over an hour working out in the gym

It has plenty of physiological functions, such as
--> Suppressing the immune system
--> opposes the release of insulin and promoted release of glucagon (anti-insulin hormone released when you're in the non-fed state to maintain blood glucose levels)
--> Primary concern when bodybuilding is that it prevents anabolism, promotes catabolism and can lead to fat deposition around the belly button (lower abs area).

You want less cortisol, generally speaking.


great info!

I've also started upping my vitamin C for use during stressful work days



Surge is a great supplement as well as fish oil. The reason Surge works very well is that it uses whey protein hydrolysate. This type of whey protein is predigested and can be more easily assimilated into your body than regular whey protein. The problem with whey protein hydrolysate is that it is VERY bitter due to the ezymatic processes they use to break it down. ( Trust me - I know- I've used it by itself and I dry heaved;) What Surge does is allow you to take this very nasty protein and enjoy the taste!! Surge will definately improve recovery and you don't feel bloated and sick after taking it (some malto/dextrose sugar combos can make you feel this way.)

As for cortisol- it is both good and bad. Cortisol regulates cardiovascular function, blood pressure and a whole other host of things- and while many weight loss companies are touting cortisol as the reason for belly fat deposition- it hasn't been proven. Cortisol is normally regulated in your body so you don't need to worry about cortisol decreasing drugs/supps;) Just make sure to eat upon waking or as soon as you can after waking since cortisol is very high at that time. Also, try keeping a positive image of yourself/life as cortisol is released through physical stress as well as psychological stress (so stop cursing those noobs that get lucky shots when play Halo/SOCOM:)

Hope this helps,


lol thought i was watching the tv shopping channels just then, but i do agree the buzz around leucine has gotten me interested in it


also with vitamin c, i started taking about 3000mg first thing in the morning noticed my stomach was a little flatter, and less fat but may have been otherfactors

  1. Multi-vitamin & multi-mineral
  2. If your looking for a good upper before a workout, just buy some bulk caffeine powder. It's a lot cheaper this whey... oops I mean way :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Lots of BCAA's. Awsome results, but this isn't cheap
  4. Get your omegas.
  5. And a little Kim Kardashian & Gisele Bundchen ( spell checlk?) always work for me!


It was the news caster hair and the "come buy me smile" wasn't it?


I dont think I have the money to afford too much.
Ill definently look into the omegas though,everybody seems to mentioning that.


Speaking of Surge.

Do you guys remember when the Surge came in the smaller containers? I think it was only 2 .lbs?

It seemed like you used less then compared to now?

Or is it the same contents just more per container, hence the bigger container? But what about the 3rd scoop? Wasn't it just 2 scoops?