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Looking Into Gear

would it be safe - if i have found a source - albeit an online company, for various prohormones and steroidals to discuss the process of acquring them here? I’ve never cycled either or bought any and would like to be walked through the process? (on a precautionary and educated consumer basis)

I dont mean to get flammed, im just a bit clueless to the process and didnt know where else to look for some help.

Would appreciate it.

Dude. nobody around here does steroids. We are all natural.

definately, just keeping up with the spirit of the forum - for kicks and killing time between class, thats all.

Don’t steroids make your balls shrink and make you get all nuts and beat on people for no reason?

And, I heard a doctor on TV say they don’t work. We should just eat more carbs.

This thread is great for steroid info. Though it does not contain information on aquiring them.


Dont eat carbs either, the trick is to stop eating and do tons of long aerobic excercise. That way your body will turn the fat into muscle.

On a more important note -
THANK YOU for the link, some great reading and directions to head in, appreciate it!