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Looking Good . . . Not Naked?


The phrase "looking good naked", while occasionally misspelled, is thrown around here a lot.

Anybody here like me who was FAR more motivated to look good (as in muscular) with clothes on? I think it's way easier to look good naked since you just have to drop the fat and put on a little muscle.

To look good with clothes you have to strip fat and put on a LOT of muscle. One of my goals is to be muscular enough that it's extremely difficult to hide that fact no matter what I'm wearing.


I agree. As Prof. X likes to say, I would want someone to know I lift by the way I look in the street. There are far too few oppotunities to take my shirt off to worry about low body fat but small muscles.


Eh. I think it's preferable to look good in clothes and naked.


I agree. By the time any girl knows what I look like naked it no longer matters.


I like to look good nekkid but at the same time I do want people to walk by and go "god dang he is one big mother fucker, i must surrender my body to this massive hunk of man meat!!!"


The words of truth. You are in clothes all day long. If they are attracted to you, chances are, you weren't naked at the time unless you live at a never ending pool party. It takes years of training to carry enough muscle to look good/muscular in a damn sweater.


That is why you see some of these dudes wearing sweaters that are like size small when they need a size large. Makes them look hyoooge


Personally, I think I look better IN clothes: shows the overall proportions and hides the BF%. It must work, since a couple weeks ago a female teacher at the school where I work told my wife "You can just tell that Tim is buff."

Disclaimer: I have NEVER been naked in front of this teacher...or anywhere at the school.

(I thought it needed saying.)


also makes them look like morons.


thats what me and my brother say. if your with a girl and you aint at the beach by the time she ses you have a gut she's prob already missing some clothes.


Great call. I think it's much better to look big in a t-shirt or even a sweater or button-down or something. Different demands, traps, shoulders, neck, chest. Looks much more impressive in my book than a slim waist, vascularity, and kind of skinny. John MacCallum had a good bit in one of his old (before my time) articles about how some guys looked great under posing lights but you couldn't even tell they lifted when they were dressed, while Reg Park wore a sweater that looked like "they shore every sheep in England to make it."