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Looking good naked: Mag-10, Methoxy, Myostat

I’ve got a couple bottles each of Myostat, Mag-10, and Mehtoxy. I can’t buy anything else right now. My goal is to look as good as possible naked in a few months. What order/combinations should I use the products in? My thought is to start with the myostat to increase the number of muscle cells, then use Mag-10 to shred them up, then methoxy to keep mass while cycling off from Mag-10 and harden up.

Any other suggestions?

if you are going to take the Myostat take for the whole time. Cant say i rate it too highly myself. the mag10 i would use to get large and the methoxy straight after mag10 with tribex (2 weeks) and then later with a fat burner (hot rox). dont start cutting too quick after the bulking phase. solidify your gain (ie maintenace or hardening cycle for 2-4 weeks) then go into a cut phase ie start reducing cals under maint and adding cardio.