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Looking Good, FAST

I’m a college student and there is a big party in two weeks where everyone has to show up in their underwear. I lift pretty regularly and have something of a six pack. I know I’ll look alright, but does anyone have pointers on how to, if even temporarily, look bigger or more ripped than one actually is? I’ve got two weeks and the desire to do just about anything (legally, that is).


Cut the carbs back and try a natural diuretic like Taraxatone about 3-5 days out…Safe, legal…Available OTC…Good Luck dude…

2 weeks is a MAG-10 cycle bro – just see if you can get a rush delivery and follow the Growth Surge protocol. I gained about 7 lbs. of muscle from that, and others on here have had similar successes.

Stuff a sock in it! Just kidding! Two weeks is not alot of time. I am not sure what you should do, but I don’t remember parties like that, I wish I could go back to school!

Although I have never tried it, I hear Fat Fast diet can definitely make you more “ripped” if not bigger.

Combine a low carb diet (mainly to drop water) with Meltdown Training. I’m not sure you could add a whole lot of mass that quickly without adding a little fat, so you might as use this time to cut up and look ripped.

don’t do anything! 2 weeks isn’t enough time… and if you do start something like FF you will feel like crap during the party, or if you go head over heels you may over train and also feel like crap during the party or worse yet injure yourself. If you take a diulrelic (gawd my spelling blows) you will piss non stop and not enjoy the party. hahaha… Hey if youre feeling good about yourself screw it and prepare for the next party to look even better… maybe drop salt intake before going to the party in hopes of losing some water.

bigger = more mass. ripped = lower body fat %. which one is it that you want? these are both completely different.

Did the vacation crash coarse, had 10 days. I did two handed dumbell swings for sets of 25, 1 minute rest, chins till 1 rep short of failure, rested one minute. Did as many sets as I could stand. Did abs heavy for low reps and standing press. Did that every day for ten days. dropped a lot of weight, performance went up on every lift. (I did back off a little on day 5, doing day three level, day 8 =6. varied a set and reps. got real hard.

Yeah, having read Testosterone for a while now, I know the difference between ripped and built. It pisses me off when people use the terms interchangably, too. At this point, more ripped OR more built would suffice. I’m graspin’ at straws here.

TEK gave you the right answer. Cut carbs and meltdown… the only question is how hardcore you want to go. Fat Fast is the most extreme solution. If you are use to a pretty low carb diet, it shouldn’t be a big deal, but for some, Fat Fast is painful. From what I read about Fat Fast, your best results are in the first 2-3 weeks anyway (mag-10 or androsol a good idea to prevent muscle loss). An important problem you face is that its a bad idea to go on a drinking binge the day you complete a Fat Fast cycle. You need to slowly add carbs over the course of a week or 2 to keep your results. For motivation, just keep in mind that it’s nice to be sober so you can remember the 2+ chicks you did at once at the party… you may actually enjoy the experience more since you won’t be puking or passing out on them.

The easiest thing you can do to dramatically change your appearance is to get a tan. This coupled with either a reduction in bodyfat or additional muscle or a combination of both is sure to dramatically change your visual appearance.

I would definately take the ripped route rather than the mass. Unless you’re standing next to lots of hulks you’re not gonna look out of place anyway. IMHO no matter how big you are, unless you keep bodyfat low it looks terrible. Besides, many chicks are frightened by big guys (amongst other things). Kelly makes a great point too with regard to a tan. Hmmm, the more I think about it, it’s got to be Tanned, ripped and maybe mag-10/creatine to get and keep a pumped look.

Kelly is right tan will make the biggest improvement.

dude i’d go with the sock.
you stuff enough in there and no dame is gonna notice anything above your waist.

Are there going to be any girls at this party? Or is this a Jimmy Dean?

Rest assured, the women will abound.