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Looking for Workout Music!



I need some "hard and aggressiv" music for my workouts. In general I'm listening to rock, but it doesn't really fit...

Here are some examples:

hollywood undead - undead (ufc undisputed soundtrack)
fort minor - remember the name
kanye west - stronger

I don't want the hard and gangster hip hop music, don't know how to describe it.

Hope you can help me :slightly_smiling:



Slayer and Sepultura


Cypress Hill - Rock Super Star is one of mine and seems like it might be a song you'd like based on those.




I find the assortment of music presented in the choices of Jim Wendler in his article Heavy Music for Heavy Lifting to be a great compliment to my strength sessions. http://www.elitefts.com/documents/heavy_music.htm

Hopefully it'll be just as useful for you.


Dimmu Borgir is a Norwegian black death metal band that plays with a full symphony. It's chaotic and yet very driven. Their music is definitely not for everyone, but if you're hard enough to take it, you'll listen to them a lot.

Here's one of their more well-known songs, Progenies of the Great Apocalypse. The part after the 2nd verse will blow your mind.

Edit: I take it back, it's a shortened version. It's after the 1st verse.


Thanks for your help, but I don't really like hardcore. Metal is fine but more rather Iron Maiden,Hammerfall. But it doesn't help me during my workouts and I don't like this music during my workouts at all.

I need some songs in the "hip hop" direction...the cypress hill song is great, thanks.

I don't like hip hop or similar songs in my freetime but like the examples in my first post, during workout its great.


just come workout at my gym, hiphop is all they fucking play... And I want it the other way around, I want the hard rock / metal type of stuff to listen to when I work out.
Listened to Tool yesterday while working out. A lot of their songs are a little too... 'melodic' to work out to, but some of them are awesome.


Try some Jay-z older stuff. The new shit is too R&B. I have the remixes of his black album and Metallica's black album. Its called Double Black. Pretty good stuff if you ask me.


dropkick murphys

because I just happen to be listening to them right meow.


drowning pool and five finger death punch.


The Devil Wears Prada



yep +

Wu-tang Clan
Lamb Of God

edit/ If your looking for some punk check out the Punk-a-Rama cd's. Various bands best stuff. Like a mixed cd. There are nine of them I believe.


My Humps - Black Eyed Peas





Mostly their early stuff.


Jesus fucking Christ. To the OP: are you aware that there are only about 753 variations of this thread in this forum at any given time?

Fuck. Here's what I recommend listening to:
buzzing bees
Nixon's old Oval Office tapes
the Weather Channel
police sirens in England
heroin addicts going thru violent withdrawals
your washing machine
talking parrots
the Seinfeld theme music, with short clips of Law and Order's theme music at random intervals
Taiwanese people arguing with each other
Bill Roberts' fanatical ranting

If this doesn't get you pumped up to lift, you're a lost cause.


It's frustrating isn't it? Now you know why I was a dick to BodyByGame the other day don't you. All he had to do was type in "Workout Music" in to the search engine and he would've gotten some hits. He knows this but decided to start a new thread about it and it irritated you...