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Looking for Work in Vancouver Canada


Hey I just moved from Australia to Vancouver in Canada, just looking for some work 30-40 hours a week, can do anything really, driving, landscaping, retail, customer service, hospitality

I'm 25, I come from a small country town in Australia near Coffs Harbour, pretty chilled out guy, just like to keep it positive and enjoy life.

If any of you guys run a business and need a hard working honest young guy for any type of work
send me a PM



I'd recommend getting on Linkein and finding recruiters in Canada.


Kijiji Vancouver jobs, or job bank Canada would be good google searches as well.


Are you on a working vacation?

A lot of friends while in college worked in hotels in the tourism industry.

Not sure about Vancouver exactly though.


yea just got a visa for 2 years. Thanks ill check those sites out :slightly_smiling:







If you are still looking for work in vanvouver PM me


While we're at it.. looking for work in Bergen County, NJ.. degree in Marketing.. can do anything though.. besides ZJs.. if you have to ask, you can't afford them.