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Looking for Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for the Gym

A few days ago i did not realize that there were so many of these out there lol. I don’t know anything about the bluetooth ones and what to expect out of the cheaper wireless earbuds, but does anyone have any they recommend that are similar to those in the same price range?

Wish I had upgraded sooner. I’m kinda cheap so I got the Blueant Pump Mini 2 In-Ear Wireless Sportbuds for around about $100.

They do the job well enough (probably cos I don’t know enough about sound and music systems to tell any difference) and are gonna last me a while cos I’m not crushing them between plates and pulling the apart.

I think there’s decent quality available in the $100-159 price range so can’t really go wrong

My gf got me Bose Soundsport ear buds for Xmas. They’re awesome! They’re comfortable and don’t feel like they’re gonna fall out every 5 minutes. And, needless to say, the sound is fantastic.

Bought these Jabra sports last month and love them.

Some have a wire that hangs under your chin. Or behind your neck. Others have a band that runs around the back of your head. Some are just big-ass buds with no wire between them. So consider which style you might be most comfortable with.

Some people have weird ears, some companies make strange shaped ear buds. Some headphones come with multiple adjustable rubber pieces to custom fit better. So be aware.

My girl has a pair from Skull Candy($60 US) she really likes.

Got a pair called Avantree Jogger from Amazon several years ago. They were CHEAP (twenty-something dollars if I remember correctly). They have served me well and still work. They have the stiff wire behind the head.

I’ve tried a few styles (to @FlatsFarmer 's point) and what’s worked best for me is the behind the head over the ears kind.

The brand I’ve had for like 3 years now is SoundBot SB552 - durable, reliable, good range (about 50 to 75 ft or so) … sound quality is decent. I think I paid like $25 for them.

If you don’t need great sound quality / want to shell out for bose / beats then MPOW’s on ebay are cheap and effective.

I decided to go full-wireless last year (two individual buds, not connected), and bought the Bragi Headphone. Over $100 for the set, liked them initially - then the issues started. They collect ear wax like its cool, requiring frequent cleaning to avoid loss of volume. Even with that, within 6 months the right bud is barely audible IF you are in a silent room, anything else (gym) and you can’t hear shit. Happened while I was overseas (of course), so I had to wait to contact customer service (currently waiting on free replacements to arrive). Ordered a pair of $20 Huawei’s off Amazon, sound at least as good as the expensive Bragi’s.

TL;DR - $20 Huawei from Amazon FTW

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I bought the Phaiser BHS-730 for less than $30 on Amazon. They have been amazing, up on par with other much more expensive models.

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