Looking for What's In-Between Killing Fat and 30-10-30 Metabolic Challenges

Hey all, I recently bought and read Mens Health Killing Fat on audible and the 30-10-30 Metabolic Challenges ebook.

Is there something in the middle for a first time HiT trainings focused on growth?

I have a bit of fat to loose but gains will be primary goal. May do the metabolic challenge later but seems like I should start with something more introductory.

Thank you!

I started with “The new HIT” book by Dr Darden, which was a great introduction to HIT training. Somewhat closer to traditional training (whatever that is). Highly recommended.

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OK yeah I do have that one, but it doesn’t cover much of the 30;10;30 stuff. I guess really I can pick any exercises I want apply the 30:10:30 and either eat a bunch and gain or do 1500 cal and lose fat. After some reading of other things here that seems the general approach.

I recommend “The killing fat” approach as an introduction to 30-10-30. You may start by doing 15-10-15 to begin with, and get used to the method.


I agree, imho this is one Dardens best books and training method

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Do you want growth or do you want to burn fat? You’re contradicting yourself here. Start with the New HIT and do that for a while with your normal diet. Follow the Doc’s water recommendations and try and get more sleep.
After a while, you can start shortening rest periods and applying 30-10-30 to some of all exercises.