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Looking for Weight Loss Help

Thanks for reading this note from a long time reader, first time poster.

I am a former university offensive lineman and strongman competitor who has decided that it is time to lose my excess weight and get more involved with team sports. I am 6’5" 335 lbs and I am not sure what my body fat percentage is. I have made some progress on the following nuitritional/excercise combo.

All training is done first thing in the morning in a fasted state.

4-5 times per week circuit training/GPP
skip rope 300 times
body weight squats
swiss ball situps
mountain climbers
plyo pushups
dumbell push presses

I attempt to limit the time between sets to ensure an elevated heart rate for the duration.

repeat 4-6 times finish with 5-10 20s treadmill sprints with 40s rest intervals or equivalent on stationary bike dependant on machine availibility.


I have been told that the reason I was hanging on to weight is that I was not eating enough, so now a typical day looks like this

10 eggwhites

chicken breast

can of tuna on rye bread

chicken breast

x-lean beef chili

I have had some success with this program, but I do feel that a person with a large amount of muscle under his fat should be losing at a faster rate. I have lost roughly 12lbs in the past 6 weeks. I would appreciate any honest feedback on this. I am open to adding supplementation, so your thoughts on that are welcome as well. Thanks so much for your time.


Oh boy.

Ill give a few things that jump out at me and try to help. Bit busy tonight and leaving town for the weekend but figure If I start it out others then will chime in fill the gaps and of course give their unique opinions.

First thing is you are defeating yourself by doing ALL that work in a fasted state. Sure it is most likely leading to WEIGHT loss, but more than likely a large amount of MUSCLE loss accounts for that weight. NOT GOOD. Your goal should be to keep as much muscle as you can and lose fat. The muscle will not only make you look better but also it will burn even more calories.

Now I am a HUGE fan of fasted or semi fasted cardio for fat loss/prevention you just have to be careful. After the nighttime fast your are in a catabolic state your glycogen stores are tapped and you have no choice but to burn either fat or convert muscle into fuel. You want the fats to be used. To do this you need to keep the exercise LOW intensity. For a Guy your size a simple walk for 45-60 minutes will do this Just fine. What Lonnie Lowery calls ?non panting? cardio. Look at his stuff and also read these.

Cardio Roundatble I&II

All in all the meals look OK I suppose. I would add a LOT more veggies and fruit. Drop the Crap pita and rice late in the day and add a LOT more healthy fats. Also add another meal in pre bed time. Not eating after supper is making that morning Fasted stuff you are doing even worse by extending the fast period.

Read these they should pretty much get all this covered. Along with all LL?s stuff I recommended earlier

7 Habit

Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid

The Carbohydrate Roundtable, Part 1&2

Fat Roundtable I&II

T Dawg 2

12 lbs in two weeks is PERFECT. You should not aim for more than 2 lbs a week unless you don?t mind losing a LOT of muscle mass as well. @ 6?5? and your weight if you carry a LOT of muscle as you say I would take it SLOW and try and just cut that fat.

Supps. I would suggest taking a look at HOT-ROX After you get diet and training in place.

Also you don?t mention weight training. While cardio is great for your goal; it should be only a small addition onto a training program based in resistance exercise.

OK that should get you started.

Come on back with more info and I will chime in as soon as I can (probably not before Monday) or hopefully others will help out.


I agree with what phil says, especially doing all that work in a fasted state. 2 pounds a week is good, and it will probably drop to a pound a week as your bf lowers a little more

I think you are right that a guy with some serious muscle should be able to lose fat faster than someone who is just plain fat.

So, how about using that muscle to actually boost your metabolism? You could start 3 times a week, maybe “the art of Waterbury”, that should do the trick.

I know that if I want to lose fat I have to lift, otherwise my metabolism simply adjusts to the lower calory intake.

Stop spreading the carbs around the day, eat them around your training sessions which are in the early half of the day anyway.

You are probably eating to much carbs, depending on how much you eat and how you react to them.

Thanks for the great ideas and links. Based on this I think that I will start including some heavy compound lifts into my circuit (which I will now complete AFTER eating breakfast) and incorporate 2-3 low intensity fasted cardio sessions per week. I also like the idea of concentrating the carbs early in the day and migrating to protein and some quality vegetables later on.


[quote]bronco68 wrote:
Thanks for the great ideas and links. Based on this I think that I will start including some heavy compound lifts into my circuit (which I will now complete AFTER eating breakfast) and incorporate 2-3 low intensity fasted cardio sessions per week. I also like the idea of concentrating the carbs early in the day and migrating to protein and some quality vegetables later on.


No, no, no,

you will not migrate to protein later in the day, you will eat protein with every meal.

“There shall be several meals a day, and something that does not contain protein shall not be called a meal.”

oops, sorry I wasn’t more clear. I meant that I would have combination meals early and migrate to straight protein as the day progressed.


You mean P+F later in the day, right?

We’re really not trying to confuse you. We’re here to help.

Not a big deal. It takes a while to get used to eating clean. Takes longer to figure out what the hell T-Nation thinks is eating clean.

P+C? P+F? Postworkout, preworkout, periworkout, fasted state, what?

Dan “Peri-Workout” McVicker

when it tell people this they think im nuts…This worked for me …take your walking machine…set it a fast pace walk (not to fast)you dont want Speed …elevate! …where you like…18-or so worked for me…

get a good meal replacement drink between some of your meal drink your body weight in ounces everyday keep yur body out of catabolic state!

eat your breakfast …wait a while …put on 5-8 pound leg weights…whats good for you…should have a good grade on the walking machine …get on it for an hour!

take a supplement of your choice…that will help elevate your metabolism… choose an excercise if your at home free weights/ if your not push ups or such … once per hour choose an excercise rep till you feel it! take your omegas/flax/CLA/caclium 1000mg a day / 2-3 (your preference) :slight_smile:

hours before bed …Do the walk again…right before you go to bed dring protein (slow digesting protiens/to ward off catabolism…the intense work outs keep yopur metabolism RAGING…

do this for a week i lost 20 pounds in seven days…sound hard to believe its true…is this unhealthy? well it work good for me…certainly feel better… :slight_smile: if you try this please let me know how it works out…I AM NO PERSONAL TRAINER through experimenting…this worked GREAT for me…