Looking for Way to Decrease E2 Without AI


I have been on a 150mg Test-Cyp 2x IM injections weekly regimen that has gotten me to a decent place mood and libido wise but lately I’ve found libido to slowly be lowering after about 4 months on the regimen. I suspected it may be because of an elevated E2 and got labs done. Here are the results taken hours before one of my weekly injections:

T: 789 (264-916)
FT: 22.6 (8.7-25.1)
E2: 40.3 (7.6-42.6)

As suspected, my E2 is on the higher side. It’s not awful and I still do have decent libido just maybe 60-70% of what it once was. I like injecting twice a week because it’s less hassle and easier if I’m traveling and stuff. I also am reluctant to introduce AI as I’ve heard some horror stories and would rather not keep adding more things to take…

I know that switching to 3x weekly could potentially help but would prefer an alternative if anyone has tried something successfully. Could switching to Sub-Q injections help? Or increasing weekly T amount increase libido?

Also I got my SHBG tested in April of this year and these were the results, not sure if this would effect how often to inject or how much:

SHBG - 18.3 (16.5-55.9)

Something to keep in mind, is that range for E2 doesn’t take into account men who are on exogenous testosterone. Fwiw, that E2 level really isn’t high for someone on trt, with your T level.

I see, I’ve read here that anywhere in 20s-low 30s is ideal for a higher end T level… What would you attribute the lowered libido then after months of being on a T regimen?

Libido was higher a few weeks ago. I’ve had bouts of really high E2, I am not really high but the decreasing libido feels similar to the feeling I had when I was injecting too much T and my E2 eventually shot too high and my libido became basically dead…

It might force some guys to make changes to their protocol, but not all.

There is no one size fits all on TRT.

Does Sub-Q instead of IM effect E2 levels or is upping to 3x injections or EOD probably the next best route?

Any reason you’re avoiding the AI? .125mg once or twice a week could get you right where you feel best

Yea I mean ideally I want to be putting as little into my body as possible. I’ve also heard horror stories of ppl tanking e2 and that long term use can be not good for joints and bones…

I actually did try an AI briefly for a week and a half and felt like a zombie. I may have been prescribed too much but it scared me into really trying to figure out a pure T protocol before using that as a last resort

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Leave it alone. Unless you’re ok with dailies, keep on trekking. I bet if you had not looked at those labs you would be just fine and carrying on. Libido is not something that you should be expecting to be on all of the time. If your libido is up and you fucking like a champ, you will come down at some point and quickly. If you’re banging multiple women, guess what. You’re gonna need a break. If you’re jacking off daily, you should be fine and have a healthy sense of libido, because real pussy is better. So it can depend on how much you drink, what you eat and sleep. If you have a need to bang and you have a definite outlet the hunger is different than if you were out on the hunt for milfs. Libido is not something you should be focused on unless its not there. Be healthy and stop expecting yourself to be a hungry wolf all of the time.

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Yea I’m not really expecting that, there’s a difference between having a healthy libido and not because I’ve had both. I don’t have one but I can tell I’m getting close.

I’m not expecting nor do I want to be horny all the time. Never implied it either

What Im saying is. Libido fluctuates. There are times when a hot lady is just a hot lady but there are times when any piece of ass will do. Thats pretty normal. Chasing libido is what makes some of guys lose their shit. When instead, you could sit down and just focus on some sexy pics on IG instead of trying to see if you get instant hard from porn. I know that I like waking up horny, but its not all of the time, and if I miss a few days or weeks with lack luster morning wood, it cycles back and there it is. So instead of looking at your E as the culprit, exercise properly and dont over do it. Reshape your body to the point of feeling sexy and having the confidence in your dick game. Just dont freak out and make changes that will affect other parameters that are crucial to your health and well being.

Probably right

This is smart, logical thinking.

I appreciate your insight but I do work out 5-6 days a week and eat really healthy. I’ve always been pretty fit before TRT, when TRT has been working my E2 has been lower and when it hasn’t it tends to be on this end.

My goal is to not involve AI unless I really have to and have a consistent healthy libido that’s not overly high but also not at a point where I can’t finish during sex or lose interest or have no interest even when a girl is naked in front of me…

I think a MWF routine for me is prob my next move, I may do every morning even though Friday to Monday will be 3 days instead of 2 like the other injections. Anyone else try this?

Im a horny bastard and Im always looking for action. So ill tell ya what works for me. Consistency and no troughs. I inject daily and its the only way to guarantee that you wont dip too much. Other than that. Do what you think is right.