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Looking for Videos on Correct Form


I was looking for some videos on correct form for "o" lifts, deadlifs and a few others, i thought there was a directory of vidoes on this site, but i cant seem to find them. Any info would be great help thanks


www.exrx.net is a good site


see if you can find the videos of chakarov and dimas training. I like to refer to them for form. Shouldn't be hard to find, they're all over the place.





some schweeet vids w/ olympic coach gayle hatch.



thanks for these links...I didn't make the post but I found them super helpful!!


The guy with the goatee is the best weight training teacher i ever had, very smart individual. Anyways some great links in this post.


Thank you for the great websites.


wow, i just watched those vids and that has to be the worst technique i've seen in awhile.