Looking for TRT Doc in Buffalo Area

Like the subject says, I am looking for a doctor who understands the ins and outs of T-replacement and who will look past the fact that I am in the “normal range” and pay more attention to my symptoms. Does anyone out there possibly have any suggestions?

I am a 22 yo male going to SUNY Buffalo. For the last 6 years I’ve had a ton of symptoms that match low T, I just wasn’t never thought it could be low T until last spring when I typed “night sweats” into Google. I constantly feel tired, I lack motivation and a general interest in life, my libido is laughable, foggy mind, etc. I’ve been on a cocktail of antidepressants, xanax and adderall the last few years for these symptoms. My blood test results are below…I got tested by my PCP twice and a urologist once but neither wanted anything to do with T-replacement, they just suggested to up my antidepressants.

Total T (6/11): 485 (249-836)
Total T (8/11): 421 (249-836)
LH (8/11): 8.4 (no range provided…idk why)
FSH (8/11): 2.2 (no range provided)
Total T (9/11): 457 (249-836)
Free T (9/11): 12.2 (9.3-26.5)

From reading other posts a lot of people have lower than me, but I should say that I constantly exercise, do leg lifts and eat fats to try to UP my T. I never drink or smoke. All these tests were taken in the morning. I know for my age I am in about the bottom 5th percentile.

Also, I read KSman’s post on “Finding a TRT Doc” but the problem is I can only find doctors who prescribe BHRT, which I know is very pricey. I might have to go this route though. Does anyone think being on BHRT for a year would HELP in getting a doctor to prescribe me normal insurance- covered TRT wherever I move after college?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I am a mixture of frustrated and defeated right now.

Thanks for reading.