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Looking for Trenton, NJ Muay Thai


I'm looking to begin training Muay Thai in the Trenton, NJ area. Wondering if anyone has trained at or knows anything about these two gyms/instructors.

Legacy Martial Arts
Jon Nichols

Nak Muay Gym
Eric Karner

Other recommendations are appreciated. I have never trained a martial art and never posted on this forum. So I'm green to say the least.


What are your goals bro


I know jon nichols (first link) he knows his shit. Other guy looks good too. If i were you’d go in there and see if you can get a trial class. Most important thing is going where you feel comfortable. And of course which is most feasible for you financially. But some places just might not fit your goals. So be very clear what you want to do.

If this is just a hobby, or you have professional aspirations, or you’re just interested in it for self defense purposes, or you just need to get the fuck outta the house. Be very clear and align where you choose with those priorities or you will be unhappy. Be very clear with the instructor when you meet him and gauge his reaction.


Xen -
I have been strength training for many years now. I have enjoyed this immensely, but I am now looking to train in a way that improves my conditioning and is less focused on work with heavy iron. I have always had an interest in martial arts and a desire to compete in at least an amateur event of some kind.

Hence my interest in Muay Thai. Although I am not limited myself to this particular style I am most interested in striking. My goals:

  1. Learn the techniques of a striking style
  2. Improve Conditioning
  3. Compete in an amateur event


cool either one will be great for you, just go find out which place actively competes. I’ve met Kru Jon…good guy. Being an instructor under ajarn chai means you have VERY solid technique. Often more refined than I’ve seen of other schools. But if your goal is to be able to compete I’d recommend going to the place with the most active fight team.

Because you don’t want to be the only competitor. You’ll get attention but the wolf is only as strong as the pack… fighting is an individual sport but you need a team, just not in the traditional/football sense.


Thanks for the info and especially the advise regarding looking for the most active fight team Xen. I’ll take all of that into consideration.



I just came accross this post now. I actually train at Legacy Martial Arts and would highly recommend it. Kru Jon is certified under Ajarn Chai of the Thai Boxing Association of the USA for Muay Thai, and under Guro Dan Inosanto for JKD/Filipino Martial Arts.

I started training there about 6 months ago and lost about 20 lbs in 2 months. Your conditioning will definitely improve.

We also have started to put together a fight team and have 3 guys fighting in Feb. I myself will be competing in a Grappling event in March, right after I come back from a month of training in Thailand.

If you haven’t decided on a school yet, we would love to have you come out and try class at Legacy. Hope to see you there.