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Looking For Trap Bar and G/H Unit

I’ve been looking for trap bars and glute/ham units all over the internet. All I can seem to dig up is trap bars with elevated handles (not what I want) and no glute/ham units that look like elitefts units (I cannot afford the cost of thier stuff, though it is definately the highest quality).

I live in Eastern MA and I want a simple trap bar and a basic G/H raise unit… any ideas?

hey there are sites that give what you want…try this place http://www.newyorkbarbells.tv
it has good stuff at low prices


These guys have some good bars: http://www.fractionalplates.com/cgibin/edatcat/PDAstore.cgi?user_action=detail&catalogno=2.1

They’ll build them to custom specifications.

The consensus on NY Barbell isn’t very good. As for PDA (fractional plates) I have bought stuff from them and they are great to deal with. They also put your initials on everything so you can prove it is yours. You can get a trap bar that can hold more than the ones you will find anywhere else.