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Looking for the Right Routine


Hello, I am 5 10, 235 pounds, I played college footbLl, so I know how to lift, I just need help determining what to lifT, with getting the maximum results from my efforts.

My goals are; gain mass while also keeping the fat down. I haven't started my cycle, I will be once I get into cycle. Just want to make sure that I I've a routine and that I am already into my routine when I start my cycle.

Also I am looking for a diet routine to follow.......

Thanks! Any advice will help!


Starting strength or any of Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 programs would probably be your best bet.

Not so knowledgeable about diet TBH. I generally think keeping it to mostly protein and vegetables with long chain carbs (potato, brown rice, polenta, etc) and some fats of all kinds and avoiding processed food tends to work best.

Also, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, post up some videos of your big three lifts just to get some feedback. You might be making some pretty critical errors without being aware of it.


My opinion is hat if you can't pick out a basic training program to help with your very broad goals, you have no business at all cycling. Like, none. Don't do it.

I also think a few more details of where you are now in terms of strength and general ripped-ness, and where you want to be in terms of both would be extremely helpful for both you and me. With numbers if possible.

EDIT: I'm no sure I stressed enough in this post how much of a bad idea it is for someone who hasn't got a very solid grasp of basic training and how they respond to it to start on the gear so here I go:



Your profile says you're 21. So do you mean you play college football or you played college football as of a few months ago?

Barbell, dumbbells. Maybe some medicine balls if you have them. Seriously though, it sounds like you'd do best following a pre-designed routine, of which there are tons on the site here.

How fat are you right now? I mean, if you've got love handles drooping over your belt, I don't think "more mass" is really the right way to go. It would even be counter-productive. Knowing your current condition will give better insight about the best next steps.

Also, a more specific goal will definitely help sort out a direction. "Weigh 215 with defined abs" or "18-inch arms with a 34 inch waist" is more specific than just "gain mass and drop fat".

If you mean a steroid cycle, then I weep for the future. Dude, you're as ready for steroids as I am ready to climb Mount Everest. If you start to run a cycle now or any time in the immediate future, only bad things will happen. Absolutely.

This is actually the easiest to answer. Follow these guidelines:


Sorry to pile on, but...

So you "know how to lift" (I assume by this you mean that you know how to execute a squat, bench press, and deadlift) but can't figure out a basic program that utilizes those things?

Your "goals" aren't really "goals" at all. It's a vague statement. "I want to add 50 pounds to my bench press" is a goal. "I want to gain 15 pounds of quality mass" is a goal.

And then "Also I am looking for a diet routine to follow......."

In conclusion: You don't have specific goals, and we don't know if you are still playing college football or used to play college football (if you're 5'10" and 235 and seeking to gain, I surmise that you might still be playing). Per your post, you don't know how to train or what to eat, but you're considering steroids. What, you think you've maximized your natty gains, brah?