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Looking for the ideal PW Shake


what are some combo's that you guys use for your PW shake, normally i just have a protein shake w/5g of glut. but obviously from reading some earlier posts, i should get something else and leave my protein shake for later


See "Solving the Post-workout Puzzle" by John Berardi and "The Post-Workout Resurgence" by Chris Shugart. All found in T-mag previous issues.

Or just go to biotestedge.com and buy Surge.


Can't go wrong with Surge, AND that shit is the best tasting drink EVER. I want to go lift on my rest days just so I can have an excuse to drink that damn drink.




Yeah, dude, Surge. I'm surprised your ass didn't get flamed from here to Mongolia for asking that question.

Buy Surge. You won't regret it.


Bump for Surge. Good tasting and good results.


Dump a whole shitload of dextrose and/or maltodextrin in there. You NEED simple carbs immediately post workout with that protein.




The initial price seems steep, but the results are phenominal.



Another vote for Surge. I don't even count it as a supplement anymore--as far as I'm concerned, it's food.


Surge rocks!

Best tasting stuff i've had by far, not a chalky flavor at all. Smells like angel food cake even, and tastes quite similar to it.

Dissolves well in water too, hardly need to shake it.


Today's PW meal: One pizza and 5 Sam Adams.


If for some reason whatsoever the search engine is down and you don't want to buy Surge try this:
Put some tomato juice, tuna and skim milk in a blender. Liquify, hold your nose and drink.


25g P
130g C


Sully, you're not helping, dammit.


Sully your're not kidding are you?

Has anyone ever mixed their surge with some diet root beer, tastses great as is, but the combo kinda tastses like a float with out the ice cream.


Is your goal to trim down? If so, a Protein shake with Glutamine should be fine.

Do you want to gain mass? Then you DO need to add high glycemic carbs to your Post Workout Shake. Maltodextrin/Dextrose/Glucose will all work fine.

Obviously if you get a bottle of Surge you'll automatically get these carbs.


First of all I don't think that 5 grams of glutamine will cut it for you. You need a minimum of 15 grams per day but I even take up to 30 grams a day and have seen great results. You should also remember to take in at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight and that is the bear minimum. In this case more is better. Hope this helps you!


I disagree with your assertion on the Glutamine + Protein combo for trimming down. I think enough cases have been made to show that whether cutting, or bulking, before or after an intense session with the iron, the carbs found in Surge will only assist physique goals. Even perpetual low carb advocates seem to be stating that the pre/postworkouts carbs are essential.


The Pizza and Sam Adams PW strategy was first introduced in Bavaria in the 1970s in an effort to solve what would come to be known as "The Post-Workout Puzzle." However, it should be noted that Sam Adams was not the original ale, and the Pizza used did have extra sauce as the Bavarians considered the vitamins contained in the sauce, as well as the homeopathic effects of basil on ones basal metabolism to be most crucial to developing ideal functional strength abilities. The method of beer consumption chosen by the Bavarians was to drink it straight from a keg, performing "keg-front raises" with a submaximal load to stimulate the core as well as encourage blood flow. The primary complication behind this method was that some kegs lacked adequate gripping opportunity which led to the use tapping. The apparent drawback to tapping was easily forgotten in exchange for the convenience and speed of the new model of PW strategy.
The keg front-raises however, remained a vital part of 'active recovery' for the bavarians for much of the next decade. After some debate, Prof. Harlsbad von Smegmenstein convinced many in the Bavarian strength training community to replace their pizza with baked beans and sauerkraut. What resulted for some time in the 80s was an almost religious adherence for many of HIT (High Indigestion Training) until finally in the late 80s, a student at the High School of Schlepping Zis Veightaround in the northern region, did a statistical comparison and discovered that the original Pizza and Ale combination did indeed result in the desired effects.


nice work franks.